Congress's bill of 4 2009 bans incandescent light bulbs by 2014 and requires Americans to buy compact fluorescent bulbs or CFLs.

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Toxic "CFL" Bulbs from China That We're Forced to Buy Congress's Clean Energy Bill, H.R. 2454 of April 2009 bans incandescent light bulbs by 2014 and requires Americans to buy compact fluorescent bulbs or CFLs.
The new bulbs contain poisonous mercury and pollute our landfills. It's all wrong.

This part of the Clean Energy Bill needs to be repealed!   copy--

I've received some reader copmments that I thought important to share:

"Incandescent lamps only create a resistive load and not the power factor destroying leading and lagging VAR [volts amps reactive] nightmare or any of the harmonic misery of compact fluorescent PL lamps....they do not save energy or anything else! it's all a huge lie! they use more energy by stressing out electrical circuits, service drop connections, destroy the grid by over heating transformers, conductors and breakers! it's all a massive Madison Ave lie!"

Another reader said:

"How many people, do you think, will follow the safety procedures for disposal and clean-up in the event of breaking the toxic lightbulb?

"I heard that in New Zealand the people rebelled against the forced use of mercury lightbulbs and the government backed down. They can now choose to use the safer product."

Finally, another said:

"The biggest mercury in lighting is in your standard fluorescent tubes, 4 and 8 foot long used in factories...

"So is it the fact that mercury is in the tubes that is the problem or is it
that we are being forced to jump through another hoop that is the problem?

"...We are forced to buy these things at a high price when we could be buying a one dollar bulb that would put out the same amount of light.

"To me it's the force factor that is incorporated into our lives that
is the problem...

"This Beast government is constantly giving us 'Thou Shalt' laws to follow
which enslave us, one light bulb at a time.

"When you get down to it, is all about the money and control."


Toxic "Green" Light Bulbs


Pollute Our Landfills

& Put Americans Out of Work



see here from YOUR GOV !   dirty elec....whew!  CBC Montreal reports on the dangers associated with CFL lightbulbs.


Evidently, the potentially hazardous mercury content isn't the worst of it - BB


It’s also safe to say

It’s also safe to say that LED light bulbs will become the norm. They have had huge technological advances in the last few years making them brighter and more efficient. Plus no mercury!

However, I'm also pleased that we're going eco-friendly... but there are pro's and con's to the new bulbs and I'm not sure they should be phased out entirely.

Banning of light bulb is very controversial to the point that they should have to remodel the Easy baked oven. As this, the last non-specialty lights will be sold by 2014. The Easy Bake Oven has been completely re-designed because of these modifications. The iconic toy will not use an incandescent light bulb, but instead a heating element.

Here’s a link for you to read: Easy-Bake oven redesigned without light bulbs. Check this out!

It's not a matter of freedom to use incandescent; it's a matter of intelligent societal advancement.