Cleveland Magazine - foreclosure crisis article

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Tear it Down

Issue Date: March 2010 

Foreclosure, sprawl and a sagging economy have left a crumbling American Dream in their wake. These ruins remain, scarring our city. But there is hope for a fresh start.
Erick Trickey


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Why Brian? Et tu?

Why Brian, are you posting this "article"?  Does it help you to sleep at night?


Read the Cleveland Magazine article linked here.

Ask yourself who benefits from this land clearing at taxpayer expense?? Who gets the demolition contracts?  Who has first dibs on the properties??

The land bank does not allow adjacent owners, or even tax payers in the areas cleared, to have the land for gardening or what-not...

No, the land is "locked up."  The question is who is it locked up for??

BTW--I posted a similar comment to the Cleveland Magazine site--it did not make their censors.