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This is an open letter of thanks to Norm Roulet.

Norm, you have endured a nightmare experience while trying to bring accountability and open networking to NEO. 

You have been treated inhumanely and your ideas have been stolen and misused.  Yet, gradually, everyday--we see your tools being put to use. 

One day, I know there will be accountability to taxpayers and better services to human beings everywhere for the efforts you have put forth here at REALNEO. 

There is no going back. We will be changed--if only by the memory of a fleeting image seen here at REALNEO.

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thank you Norm

I agree, Laura.  Norm goes above and way beyond, yet is treated like shit.  The guy is a genius and the Cleveland area does not know what they have with Norm. It is a shame.

Nice letter.

Norm is one of our best resources

Norm is one of the best human resources that Cleveland can be proud to call their own.  But I suspect this native son won't keep his talents and opportunities that he offers to the healthy development of a community under a barrel for long.

Sansai Samurai



Norm is good

How was the meeting?  any progress?


Thanks y'all - Sansai looks golden to me

Thanks y'all - Sansai looks golden to me... my advice, focus on the global developments!

Disrupt IT

Thanks Laura... we all agree NEO needs a real NEO

Thanks Laura,

We may have differences of opinion about some things, but we all agree NEO needs a real NEO.

Disrupt IT

Civic corruption


We may have differences of opinion about some things, but we all agree NEO needs a real NEO.

We lost Roldo from REALNEO due to the catfights here--which is too bad--please see this recent post.

"It’s business as usual."

Hopefully Roldo is being well compensated - he is the official record of Cleveland going down - has had access to every insider, name, and all their dirt for decades, and has been publishing it in public for the record, so nobody can ever say the public was not notified of the truth. Sort of like a PR service for the truly evil. I see Roldo's ongoing journal of the facts of Cleveland corruption as the official record and defense of the establishment, for like 40 years... all the way through our decline.... numbing the people to the reality and pain... a sort of Pied Piper of nihilism, making it mainstream thought for the people to accept a life of constant betrayal, like from the pollution of industrialists killing citizens from point sources that are not even covered in the alternative media.

"It’s business as usual. The road leads only one way. Down, folks."

Disrupt IT


  See above...sadly--I have to agree.

Gerald McFaul

A new one for me...finally figured out the Gerry about Roldo's friend Rokakis???

The definition surely fits...