Budweiser promotes USA flag in the gutter - free enterprise, free speech & YELLOW FRINGE

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 07/28/2011 - 20:03.

Flag desecration is controlled by different rules around the world.  

In the United States of America burning the flag is OK.  And I agree with that.

I have an image of a sleeping bag put up in a tree by a homeless person.  The sleeping bag cover is red white and blue - the US flag.   I thought - perfect!  Homeless guy sleeps inside the US Flag.    No disrespect there. 

But now Budweiser has grabbed the colors for it's two peice aluminum cans. 

And the cans are mere containers for the booze and then go into the gutter, the trash, and in some more concerned states, recycling.

And the USA flag goes right along with the can - crushed, ground up, melted down, floating down the gutter to the man hole grate (image above).

But then in HAIR, the flag had four colors: Red White Blue and YELLOW FRINGE.

I took in many different theatrical versions of HAIR.  

The YELLOW FRINGE is the most important. significant component of the USA flag. 

Very cool.   

Four colors.

Bud has some yellow on their can too.....Bud recognizes the FRINGE!

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