Asian Carp Solution BRAINSTORM!!!

Submitted by fetus1990 on Thu, 01/28/2010 - 21:56.
Ugly Little Bastard



These asian carp have me very concerned.  Bubble nets, poisons, sounding devices and physical barriers only slow these little bastards down.  We, as defenders of all the Great Lake resources, must brainstorm a better way to rid these little devils from their pending invasion. 


I'll start the brainstorm.

This is my first shot at an idea I think could work.  Put a $1 bounty on each asian carp head.  Bring in a stringer of 10 asian carp heads, you get $10 from the federal government (Another $13 million price tag (  We know from history if given a bounty, man can decimate a species.  Hate to repeat history, but in this case I think its warrented.


One more thing to really worry about...bounty hunters...great idea!

overfish this!!

Hey, you can't eat your way out of this one, but wait a minute! I saw on TV one chef making a number of dishes featuring this Asian carp.  Catch'em, can'em, ship'em. If they have any valuble meat, fish oil, whatever, they can be a useful.