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Submitted by dweller1 on Fri, 05/22/2009 - 19:57.

I fired up the Cleveland.com website and read an article written by the Ohio Division of Wildlife: Poacher writes an apology for spotlighting deer. The guy was found guilty.  I skimmed through it reading the actual written apology and he "...put many people's lives at risk" on Nov. 20, 2008 when he and two other adults engaged in spotlighting deer from his vehicle in Guernsey County"

What the hell is "spotlighting"?

Not to worry. As many of you know, the thrill of cleveland.com isn't just the article, its the comments portion at the end! 2 posts in a poster named lotsaice came through for us concrete-walkers:

Spotlighting is when some lazy-Azz P.O.S. sits in his vehicle, shines a bright spot light on a deer along the roadside and shoots it. Have you ever heard the saying "Like a deer in the headlights"?
People like him give all of us real hunters a bad name and rile up all the anti's.

I'm glad the thousands of dollars I've spent over my lifetime for hunting and fishing licenses do some good to rid our woods of morons like this guy.

So true losaice, so true.

But I couldn't help but correlate the poaching technique to living in this county for over forty years. I and other souls in Cuyahoga county are 12-point bucks. We're the one's who get blindsided , à la "shock doctrine" when times are tough around here, to build cathedrals for private interests, with nothing in the end but promises of "new jobs", "positively cleveland" or my favorite "our team our colors" (its in bronze on the Cleveland Browns Stadium wall someplace by the way...check it out...on the other 300-some days the field isn't being used for the public).

Pay no mind to getting around a public vote with a crafty "its an emergency we don't need a public referendum" charter loophole during a local election cycle, (would the next mayor or councilman badmouth their political "daddies") pulled off by two corrupt County Commisioners were practically "servicing" the Kennedys, MMPI  and local area contractors.

Hagan or Nance or Jacobs or Miller always wait for us deer in their trucks with that spotlight, knowing we're not organized and off guard foraging in the woods.




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What the difference between


What the difference between a shepherd and wolf….in the end they both eat you. One makes no secret about it the other is just taking there time to fatten you up first. I cant get hunting, If you eat the animal then you capture its last moment on earth, the end of a tortured existence or a sudden moment of terror? I think I like you I care about you I treat you with respect and then I eat you. Sorry my friend someone had to be next and I guess it is you. Sustenance? He cheated? The Native Americans would chase herds of buffalo off cliffs and then go to the bottom of the cliff and then take what they could and leave the rest to rot. Its the only explanation to the piles of bones they find at the bottom of cliffs. So much for the high degree of reverence for nature and using every part.




Hunt or be hunted

  This is a great and complex post DWeller.  We need to talk.

nice analogy

 dweller1. I completely agree.

However, I don't see the converse - hunting tricks as justification for abuse of public power and trust. What are we?