04.14.05 Case: Harvard economics professor lecture: “Your Money or Your Life�

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 03/31/2005 - 21:56.
04/14/2005 - 14:30

David Cutler, professor of economics at Harvard University’s
Economics Department and the Kennedy School of Government, will deliver
the annual Howard T. McMyler Lecture. He will discuss the U.S. health
care system in a lecture, entitled “Your Money or Your Life� and
co-hosted by the Economics Department of Case’s Weatherhead School
of Management and by the Center for Health Care Research and Policy.
The talk will take place on Thursday April 14, 2005, 3:30 p.m. in the
Clark Room at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. It is free and open to
the public


Clark Room at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens
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03.29.05 NOTES: Tuesday@REI Jurgen Faust share vision of "Future Center"

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 03/29/2005 - 16:42.

 Jurgen Faust has developed a vision for a "Future Center"
- an innovative collaborative strategy to address NEO's "Design Crisis" 

Q. What is design?

A. Design is a different way to think. At the beginning it is relatively
opposed to scientific thinking - image based thinking and method to solve
problems - thus has largely surfaced from art schools.

Web Links Cleveland's Miller-Weitzel Gallery with Berkeley Artist Jan Wurm for a Seductive Show

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Mon, 03/28/2005 - 17:47.

Berkeley artist Jan Wurm was welcomed to Cleveland this past weekend by the Miller Weitzel Gallery with a one-woman show titled “Drawn In: The Seduction of Line.� Wurm initially met the owners of the Miller Weitzel Gallery Online, through a call for submissions. Her 15 mixed media drawings on canvas on view now until April 16th are raw and thought provoking commentaries on the human condition. Hung in two groups of four, and one group of five, they cover such timely -- and timeless -- subjects as war, feminism, and service and the cycle of life. Two smaller works, Samson & Delilah and the Organ Grinder and Monkey, are independent from the three groups. All are recent works on unstretched canvas, tacked to the gallery walls in a manner that conveys the intimacy and immediacy of the artist’s studio rather than the distance of a gallery.

Cleveland entrepreneurs seek support for world-renowned East Cleveland landmark

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 03/27/2005 - 16:36.

Trio tires of watching observatory fall apart - East Cleveland - It
was built as a premier research and teaching facility, a monument to
early American innovation, dedicated to unveiling mysteries of the
universe and to charting stars in the far reaches of space.

Observatory, Taylor Road, circa 1963 - From Case Website

For decades, world-renowned astronomers pondered, probed and calculated inside these brick walls. Read about the current condition of this landmark property, and vision for the future, at the City of East Cleveland portal, now in early development here.

03.14.05 NOTES: Distinction@Case: Steven Pinker on Nature and Nurture

Submitted by peter holmes on Sun, 03/20/2005 - 13:34.

Steven Pinker's tour de force challenged listeners'
cognitive capacities while providing powerful affirmation of the work
being done to transform NEO's civic and business culture.

His hour-long Severance Hall lecture Monday afternoon was the first
in a series of lectures by global thinkers sponsored by Case Western
Reserve University.

Pinker presented an interpretation of the
balance between nature and nurture in the creation of unique
individuals. From the perspective of the "blank slate," as the tableau
on which people's experiences are integrated by the brain, Pinker
demonstrated that genetics play a central role in this process.

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Artist Yolanda López Inspires and Challenges on Her Visit to Cleveland

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Wed, 03/16/2005 - 10:31.

Clevelander's last chance to hear Latina artist-provocateur Yolanda Lopez speak is tonight, Wednesday March 16, 7 pm, Ford Auditorium in the Allen Library (Corner of Euclid and Adelbert).

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03.02.05 NOTES roundtable@REI agenda - RAMTEC - Regional Automated Manufacturing Technology and Education Center

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 03/02/2005 - 16:22.

The RAMTEC session had a remarkable attendance of leaders in education, workforce
and economic development and all aspects of manufacturing, drawn from many
counties throughout NEO - full house. REI Executive Director Ed Morrison
introduces the context of this session
from his historical perspective
working with GE and in manufacturing, and observing manufacturing in NEO decline in many
ways - challenges are many - some manufacturers don't employ optimal practices
- lean manufacturing - basic common sense in regards to management. Some
manufacturers don't invest in product development - automation solutions - are
operating in isolation from each other - this decreases competitive strength opportunities.

Steven Pinker, noted Harvard psychologist and cognition expert, inaugurates CWRU lecture series

Submitted by John Soellner on Sun, 02/27/2005 - 19:28.
03/14/2005 - 15:00

Pinker is best known for his books on language: The Language Instinct (1994), How the Mind Works (1997) and Words and Rules: The Ingredients of Language. In 2002 he published The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature, which explored the political, moral and emotional colorings of human nature. The Distinguished Lecture series is designed to bring prominent


11000 Euclid Avenue., Severance Hall

02.22.05 NOTES Tuesday@REI: NEO learning to be world-leader in "Cognitive Science"

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 02/22/2005 - 16:21.

NOTES POSTED FROM SESSION. Fascinating, whirlwind two hours focused on NEO as a global center for applied cognitive learning, arts, technology and their convergence. This Tuesday@REI brought together the Dean of Arts and Sciences at Case, Mark Turner, the Chief Information Officer of Case, Tom Knab, the Chief Information Officer of the Cleveland Museum of Art, Len Steinbach, and the Director of Integrative Studies, Department of Neurology, Case, Peter Whitehouse, M.D. REI Executive Director Ed Morrison makes introductions and moderates... share in the outcomes...

02.22.05 Tuesday@REI: "Cognitive Science," Dean Mark Turner, A&S, Case

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 02/22/2005 - 00:16.
02/22/2005 - 11:00

"Cognitive Science,"
Mark Turner, School of Arts & Sciences, Case and Guests; Peter B. Lewis


REI - PBL 201 - 11119 Bellflower Rd.

CIA New Urbanist Joe Stanley shares his remarkable vision for NEO Circle

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 02/21/2005 - 00:12.

Cleveland Institute of Art interior design senior Joe Stanley has developed a comprehensive strategy and plan for the current Cleveland Institute of Art properties, where there are now poorly utilized, out-of-date facilities and surface parking lots, to be transformed into a new regional and global epicenter of creativity and economic development. Visit his community of interest dedicated to this project - neomainstreet - to see the model, plans, and a remarkable vision for developing exactly the innovation and quality connected places NEO needs for the future!

02.08.05 Tuesday@REI: "Intergenerational Learning" in public education

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 02/07/2005 - 17:46.
02/08/2005 - 16:00

"Intergenerational Learning"


Cleveland Museum of Natural History on Wade Oval

May the sad passing of remarkable Cleveland son Philip Johnson be the NEO Turning Point!

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 01/26/2005 - 21:40.

"Monuments differ in different periods. Each age has its own."

"Maybe, just maybe, we shall at last come to care for the most important, most challenging, surely the most satisfying of all architectural creations: building cities for people to live in."

Philip Cortelyou Johnson: July 8, 1906 - January 25, 2004

Forum: The Economics of Early Childhood Development

Submitted by RWaxman-Lenz on Thu, 01/20/2005 - 11:26.

A two-part forum on: The Economics of Early Childhood Development

 Awareness: Session; One February 1, 2005, 4:00-6:00PM, Cleveland Museum of Natural History on Wade Oval in University Circle

 Alignment and Action: Session Two, February 14, 9AM to 12PM, Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development in Shaker Heights

US isolationism offers NEO regional opportunity, if we think global

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 01/16/2005 - 14:52.

There is a fascinating article in the 01/16/05 NY Times on the challenges outstanding international students have finding jobs in the US. Considering the US is an immigrant-based economy and, except for Native Americans, we're all relatively recent transplants, the current "lock the gates" federal policy is probably the most harmful to the US economy of any of the current administration - we are not importing knowledge workers, at a time when the world is eclipsing us in brainpower. As you read on you'll see, there's Ivy League brainpower all over the world and some of it wants to work in America - foolish US policy is keeping it out, driving US companies to send work abroad, as other economies gain competitive advantages over the US. Perhaps smart leaders in NEO can excel as world-experts in bringing global brainpower here, as a unique value of NEO. Tell me, why not! Read on...

DEAR PETER: Plain Dealer Steven Litt builds Case for NEO Collegetown

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 01/09/2005 - 17:16.

Cleveland Plain Dealer architecture critic Steven Litt writes of a "Golden Opportunity" for University Circle's future in proposing Case University, the Cleveland Institute of Art, and other local arts and learning institutions make optimal use of their master planning to leverage innovative networking and world-class brainpower to build a higher quality, well-connected powerhouse for this region - a "collegetown" gateway integrating University Circle institutions and stakeholders with surrounding community and regional interests. Steven prods UC-related leadership to follow models of excellence found at well planned universities in Cincinnati, Tempe, and Chicago and recounts "Philanthropist Peter Lewis, chairman of Mayfield-based Progressive Corp., has encouraged such collaborative thinking by hinting that he might open his purse for the right mix of projects. But in a speech at the UCI annual meeting in November, he said he was unimpressed with a confidential plan forwarded to him by Case. Nevertheless, Lewis said he's keeping an open mind." UC leaders must become more open and open-minded in their master planning, as that was clearly a critical success factor common for the three "best-collegetowns" highlighted above, and for securing the support of global leaders like Lewis. Read on for Litt's open vision for UC "to create a sense of urbanism and to heal the rift between town and gown":

RFID is huge - SCALE value in NEO is larger

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 12/31/2004 - 18:24.

Few people outside the Supply Chain and Logistics Economy (SCALE) realize how huge this industry is in NEO and the world. A hot SCALE technology transforming the industry is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and many NEO economy and technology leaders are exploring how important this "cluster" is to our region's future.

DEAR PETER: move CIA into the downtown area or simply push Case / CSU students more into downtown living

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 12/30/2004 - 16:40.

Cool local artist and creative entrepreneur Bridget Ginley - founder W. 25th Street Buzz Gallery - has posted to her lake of consciousness blog, erie.effusion, some great concepts for better integrating and socializing regional brainpower to make NEO a more sustainable, quality place.

Jump Start to help convene NEO's social network

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 12/28/2004 - 19:02.

The Fund For Our Economic Future recently publicized insight from their first Minority Forum, which features a link to an interesting presentation from the keynote speaker, Dr. John Powell from Ohio State, on issues related to diversity and regionalization. Also included is a presentation from Ray Leach, CEO of NEO entrepreneurship supporters JumpStart, which expresses a commitment to be diverse and an interest to support minority entrepreneurs and help place minority business people in companies Jump Start supports. Page 3 of the presentation also says one thing that is "Different about Jump Start" is "We believe we can serve as a convener for all interested parties to build a social network". As this is a purpose of REALNEO, and this social network is committed to all parties in the region interested in entrepreneurship, it is clear we should all work together - we're all working with Case and dedicated to bettering this region. Time to start co-convening! Later in January, Jump Start is hosting an "Exchange", which should be a nice opportunity for local entrepreneurs to form physical connections... in the mean time, REALNEO will continue developing virtual connections and explore collaboration with Jump Start.

REALNEO TOPSOIL - Technology Optimization Platform for Social Organization, Innovation and Learning

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 12/28/2004 - 14:48.

This book organizes all REALNEO content related to the development of virtual communities, serving as the best practices and planning lab for REALNEO and other social organizations optimizing technology for innovation.

New Lab for Social Computing at RIT. Time for collaboration in NEO!

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 12/21/2004 - 01:42.

Many universities around the world are focusing on the study of social computing - from technology and application development to man-machine interface. REALNEO is already working with Purdue on a Drupal documentation project and we welcome additional research affiliations, and will explore teaming up with RIT. We are well affiliated with Case's Center for Regional Economic Issues and it seems time to get the IT side of the campus involved - any other Northeast Ohio universities interested to really understand this communications and human interaction revolution that is transforming politics, economics, knowledge management, industry and society? Post your suggestions here, after reading the thoughts of the social network lab director at the exceptional Rochester Institute of Technology...


Submitted by Ted Takacs on Mon, 12/20/2004 - 12:22.
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School of Dental Medicine

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Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

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Case School of Medicine

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