06.02.17 CIA Students Go Out With A Bang

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 02/19/2006 - 12:18.

Go Out With A Bang - Nathan Margoni - Oil Painting with Mixed Medium. 7'x5'
"Prism - The Artists Supply Store Painting Award"

The Cleveland Institute of Art Student Independent Exhibition 60, running February 17 - April 1, 2006, absolutely engages the visitor and provides the perfect foundation to explore the value of the creative class, the arts, and the CIA to our community. This is an exceptional show of expressive, creative genius articulated by scores of artistic masters, representing a small presentation of the explosive talent found in and radiating from the CIA.

Reinberger Galleries, 11141 East Blvd., Cleveland. - See postcard.

Gallery from main entrance

The "art" in this historic 60th CIA student exhibition offers the freshest, most innovative possible takes on the most current issues and experiences in the lives of 20-somethings in NEO, presenting the world today. In few other situations do you see such diverse interpretation of our modern culture, expressed so effectively and masterfully.

Gallery from rear exit

The show offers visitors powerful experiences beyond the gallery walls. The experience of arriving in arts Mecca University Circle to visit the CIA creative factory takes art lovers well beyond a trip to a suburban or even hip urban gallery. At the CIA, you are at the source - in a creative Garden of Eden full of innocent expression and creative energy, escaping from while reflecting upon the snakes outside the garden walls.

It's A Program Of Action - Jon Haughwout - Acrylic on Canvas - 6'x6'

Walk the halls around the main gallery, in the understated, antiquated, soon to be obliterated main CIA Gund Building, and everything is about the creativity... from the postings on bulletin boards to the display cases overflowing with class projects of every imaginable type.

Untitled - Austin Bates - Sterling Silver, 24k Gold, 14k Gold, Found Objects - rings
"Entertainment Pack Prize"

Especially invigorating is the CIA experience during any school functions... especially the annual student exhibition. All the students and their friends and families come together for a well deserved celebration of themselves and their creative genius, and all the hard work it took to express that. It's a privilege the public is welcome to join-in that, and share in and own some of the outcomes.


Because the CIA attracts a remarkably diverse student body, and faculty, it is truly a creative, cultural melting pot - a virtual community of radical extremism and obsessive passion. Having this passion present here - and the visual impact it creates in our community - is more important than most people think, as it is a miraculous unknown that helps define the creative class we so need to develop and grow in NEO.

OHIO! - Valerie Molnar - Acrylic Yarn - 8"x8"

The show itself is a blast. Just as I wouldn't tell you the end of a movie, I won't go into what I like and don't like about this work or that - we will each have our own preferences, for whatever reasons. I will say I was inspired enough by the show to want to buy a work, interested enough in many works to have a very hard time deciding which work I wanted, motivated enough to pay on the spot, and I'm still interested in a few other works - and will be watching for all of these artists on the local arts scene long into the future.

An Incident Involving Ideal Friends - Brooke Inman - Wall Drawing, Paint, Marker, Glitter, Contact Paper, and Collectables
"Museum Prize Pack"