NEO Knows Clevelend Orchestra Violist Eliesha Nelson, who will allow world to know composer Quincy Porter

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 03/27/2007 - 04:03.


 The people of NEO and the world know we are fortunate to have the world's greatest orchestra here - the Cleveland Orchestra - which means we have many remarkably talented artistic geniuses here. One such genius is Violist Eliesha Nelson, pictured above. Not surprisingly, creative genius nurtures creative enterprise, and Eliesha has taken it upon herself to express her creativity as a social entrepreneur, by initiating a project to record the work of American composers who have not been recorded extensively in the past, bringing them greater global distinction. Her first recording is of Northeast Ohio-associated composer Quincy Porter (1897-1966). To complete this recording project, she needs the collaborative support of the NEO community, and I'm pleased to help her with that and ask your help as well.

This recording project is already well underway. You will find extensive information on the recording, and some short segments of music already recorded for the project, at a website Eliesha is developing to explain the initiative. In brief, the recording project is divided into two recording sessions. The first, which has been completed, features 7 short solo and duet works for viola, some with violin, harp or harpsichord, dating from 1928-1960. The second session, which will take place in July, features a viola concerto with orchestra, dating from 1948. Few of these pieces exist in recordings today, making this a completely unique undertaking.

As one would expect of a perfectionist - and a Cleveland Orchestra violist could be no less - the project is entirely world-class. In addition to Eliesha, the recordings feature Douglas Rioth, the Principal Harpist of the San Francisco Symphony, and Grammy Award Winning American conductor John McLaughlin Williams playing violin and hapsichord. The producers are globally-renowned Marina A. Ledin and Victor Ledin, of Encore Consultants, LLC, and all work is being recorded at the finest studio in America - Skywalker Sound, in Marin County, California.

Eliesha is not creating this recording with the expectation to profit financially, but to grow artistically, and accomplish something important in her field, for the world of music appreciation, and to benefit the global reputation of the Cleveland Orchestra and our region. She has been funding the initiative herself and now must raise additional funds to complete the project. I have offered to assist her in raising funds for that, by seeking donations to the project, organizing some fundraising events, and seeking foundation and corporate sponsors.

Significant funders will have the opportunity to secure copies of the finished CD as an exclusive gift to share with friends and clients, and will have the opportunity to attend the final orchestral recording session at Skywalker Sound, this July. Those who attend the fundraising events supporting this project will be treated to a private performance by Eliesha of some of the works being recorded. Please check out Eliesha's website for additional information and spread the word about this project to your music-appreciating friends. Contact me, at norm [at] realneo [dot] us, or Eliesha, at nelsoncline [at] aol [dot] com for additional information.

And, for an exciting introduction to Eliesha Nelson performing Quincy Porter, click here

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Congrats to Eliesha Nelson!

  Her Quincy Porter collection has been released (thanks to Susie Sharp for the heads up!).

Congratulations Eliesha