Mayor Brewer Meets the Bloggers for an open pre-state-of-the-city 2007 discussion

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 02/17/2007 - 02:53.


For the second consecutive year, East Cleveland Mayor Brewer met with Meet the Bloggers today for a very candid and fascinating discussion recorded on audio for Meet the Bloggers podcast, and on video for other Internet release in the future. I was pleased to participate and found the discussion and Mayor Brewer's insights remarkable. I believe the other participants agreed. I'll post a comment here when the podcast is posted on Meet the Bloggers and you should be certain to listen! For now, some thoughts from this morning...

The discussion began with George questioning the Mayor on a Channel 5 "expose" on East Cleveland having traffic cameras around school zones. The Mayor gives the straight story on this - great stuff. Phillip developed the payment processing application for the ticket system.

The Mayor gives a pre state of the city overview, and discusses his process for educating residents on the city government, including holding weekly community forums and broadcasting those on the city cable channel. We discussed putting those online at, as well (7gen hosts that city website). 

Mayor Brewer discusses city council and the upcoming elections, and his expectations for the future of the city. He also discusses significant development plans, including for an advanced technology power generation plant and developing more retail on Euclid.

He shared very blunt opinions on the Plain Dealer and why they have not covered good developments in East Cleveland, and he shared some success stories working with the mayors of Cleveland and Cleveland Heights, who he consider friends.

All in all, one of the most interesting discussions I can recall, which is always the case with Mayor Brewer. More to come. 

That banner

Is awesome.

Thanks George... great MTB

I can't remember a more interesting one hour than the MTB with Brewer yesterday. I look forward to listening to it again when you post it. Feel free to use the picture above.

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 What type of power generation is the Mayor considering?  Refuse?  (needs very hi tech scrubbers - mercury, etc - not really the thing for urban area).
Here's my suggestion: Urban Turbines (wind) along the RTA.  Not just in EC, but from Hopkins to Windemere. 

You live in the urban area and use power, right?  Then get on it, make some power...right near home!  More on this agenda soon...

Hat's off to George and Tim and Gloria for organizing this, and to Mayor Brewer for seeing where the future of civic news is going.

I don't know the details on power gen

Jeff - I don't know, and the podcast isn't up yet. When it goes up, I'll comment here and you can hear what he described. You can be assured any good, viable advanced energy ideas will be well received here.

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