Creating Independent Green Republic of East Cleveland

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 02/23/2006 - 10:30.

Don't believe what you read in the papers about East Cleveland - it should be annexed by Cleveland - it is "the problem" - Brewer is a loose cannon - etc. I've been volunteering on many very large, significant initiatives to benefit the people of East Cleveland, supported by the Cleveland Foundation and other area foundations, Case, Kent State and CSU and other learning institutions, the city and county departments of health and development, OneCleveland, and scores of private citizens with something to offer a community needing support... we believe in East Cleveland and are taking our time, energy and resources to follow that belief. An excellent example of such community-based faith and collaboration is just forming to strategize how East Cleveland can become ecologically sustainable, and you are invited to help! Be part of a solution... here are some draft notes from our last meeting, which will update continuously herein after... add your comments and participate.

Notes from Shaker Lakes Nature Center : East Cleveland Transformation Strategy


Attendees : Each introduced their connections to this effort and shared insights in round table fashion

David Reed, Kent State Urban Design Collaborative -


Has been working some time on Urban Design issues for East Cleveland. Currently helping to put

through a grant for development of Euclid Corridor, Hayden Avenue with the Cleveland Foundation.

Advocacy of Traditional Neighborhood Development, collaboration with the Levin School.


John Hanson, Ensafe and Buckeye Sustainability Institute


John shared his expertise in Environmental Consulting, specifically interest in bringing Vermicomposting strategies to East Cleveland , having already implemented successful programs

with BSI. Has worked in conjunction with Cleveland Botanical Garden and the Learning Garden.

Has also worked with and has passion for environmental education programming. Member of Net Impact. Looking for help developing Mobius Nature Center (Aurora) along lines of Shaker Lakes,

and help convince new center to consider Green Building (leading by example) like Shaker Lakes.


Phil Lane , Midwest Biofuels and East Cleveland Business Owner


Biodiesel, Biofuel, and Safety are key concerns. Passion areas in East Cleveland revolve around

Biofuel, Building Renovation, (Historic Preservation and Grey field Renovation) and High Milage Urban Community Cars. Suggests the North Zone could feature a one of a kind biofuel blending and distribution center. East Cleveland Resident and Business Owner (Mechanic). Love for University Circle, Love for East Cleveland. Ready and willing to go alone if need be (need not be) to Peter Lewis with proposals – we would like to present a collaboratively designed and created piece.

Consider a one-of a kind recycling center in East Cleveland – creates quality jobs, infrastructure is present, with rail access to NE corner of E Cleveland. Also brought up BIZMAT: hazardous chemical disposal services – Phil has been storing many of these on his site.


Peter Whitehouse, Founder: Intergenerational School , Case Professor, MD-Phd


Peter serves on Greater Lead Advisory Council and Founded the Intergenerational School, which is now considering East Cleveland as a location. Rozelle School raised as a possibility. Wants to expand school participation from 100 to 200 students, and expand from K-6 to K-8 level. Has also worked with Healthspace on East Cleveland. Currently spearheading design of an innovative new Masters Program at Case : Institute for Sustainable Mind. Could employ Action Researchers to work on issues and places with areas like East Cleveland.


David Wright, Naturalist / Outreach and Audience Development Shaker Lakes Nature Center


Has worked on issues of Environmental Education in schools, specifically in East Cleveland. Has served on Board of Earth Day Coalition and worked with the Environmental Congress. Also key leader of Environmental Education Council of Ohio. Has worked on Greenspace development and strongly believes in the need to create stakeholder activism and dealing with key issues of format and infrastructure around that. Emphasized importance of partnerships and collaboration.


Mark McClean, East Cleveland Civic Leader


Mark has particular interest in East Cleveland having been a Civic leader there for some time now,

particular interest in sustainability and environmental education in specific. Has regularly taken 25-30 East Cleveland Kids to Sail, Canoe, and Kayak at Mohican School of Out-of_Doors. Working on environmental curriculum. Dealing with the Culture of East Cleveland is critical – speaks to human processes and truly empowering the people of East Cleveland to take ownership of and ongoing stewardship of these important initiatives. Also supportive of East Cleveland Arts and promoting

Play and Choir at East Cleveland Public Theater Saturday at 7PM (tix $20)


Nancy King Smith, Former Director, Shaker Lakes Nature Center, Civic Leader


Nancy has played a tremendous role as a pragmatic and effective convener of key environmental groups. Has a passion to bring Bioneers conference to Cleveland. Great interest in environmental literacy / education. Critical to introduce the opportunity for environmental ed at a young age.

Bringing in voices and efforts from Elaine Barnes (Green Building Coalition) and the Holden Arboretum. Has helped made the meetings at Shaker Lakes possible.


Sudhir Raghupathy, RealNEO team, Founder, Net Impact Cleveland


Longtime passion for Sustainability. Connected with several environmental groups. Member of RealNEO, and Founder of Net Impact Cleveland- a core group of committed business students and professional committed to East Cleveland's development. Assisting Peter Whitehouse with design of an innovative new Masters program at Case – which should offer great opportunities for research work in East Cleveland. Designed a holistic model for sustainable economic development spanning key categories : Health, Education, Environment, Arts and Culture, Eager to help craft eco-development strategy for East Cleveland and incorporate human processes like Appreciative Inquiry in conjunction with sustainability initiatives and frameworks to help facilitate community development and transformation.


Jon Cline Phd / Biology Dept at Case, GIS lab manager


Jon is skilled with applied mathematics and ecology, developed the GIS computer lab and is well

versed with IT and Open Source- great interest in the potential for transparency and collaboration. Specific interest in creating large scale computer models / applied math, and passion for greenspace and watershed issues. Has worked extensively on Lake Erie project. Wife a member of Cleveland Orchestra (Viola). Invited to speak at KSU Design Collaborative by David Reed,

Norm brings up great point to develop key metrics for environmental impact – Jon might have great background with models for this.


Ed Hauser RealNEO team, Savior of Whiskey Island


Very interested in Greenspace and Watershed issues. Willing to help these causes move forward in East Cleveland. Helping to Lead Digital Divide Effort in East Cleveland with REALNEO. Knowledgeable of civic advocacy / process issues, citizenship and environmental stewardship.


Martha Eakin – community activist and concern for redeveloping areas working with the good infrastructure we have (greenspace, parks) - experience in construction. Desire to get funded to drive development initiatives in East Cleveland with expertise. Passion for sustainability and wind power specifically. Husband Jeff Buster also a great activist and REALNEO journalist-contributor.


Chris Trepal- Earth Day Coalition co founder (April 23rd is Earth Day) helped fund Andrew Watterson's position with advisory board of Earth Day Coalition, Green Building Coalition, Eco City, E4S. Has worked with Diesel retrofitting of vehicles- and alternative fuels for city vehicles, and recycling – working to do these cost-effectively. Works with media and larger companies to promote energy metrics – great opportunity with a large utility to work with CDC and NGOs to employ energy efficient strategies like use of eco-efficient lighting. Expertise from TCP in Solon with bulbs. Suggest key contributors would be EPA officials Lynn Lutner (Westlake) and Bill Skowronski (Twinsburg).

Could be great inroads to best practices as well as government funding opportunities.

Also worked on Environmental Justice with students to retrofit houses in East Cleveland).

A big fan of Silent Film , was impressed by a town in Italy hosting silent film festival: wonderful involvement and engagement by local community members – great sense of place and community: we need that here!

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