Fantastic, Happy 1st Anniversary as Convivium33 Gallery presents: Christoper Pekoc: Evolution 1964-2006

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 12/10/2006 - 18:27.


One of NEO's most striking and fascinating galleries, Convivium33, is featuring, as its first anniversary showing, Evolution 1964-2006, an exciting retrospective of the work of globally appreciated mixed-media artist and Case University art professor Christopher Pekoc, curated and catalogued by prolific author and Case art history professor Henry Adams, delivering an inspiring and intriguing experience for all visitors. From Professor Adams' writings about the show: “There’s something dark, tough and roughly textured about Pekoc’s work that captures the creative essence of Cleveland”... “His imagery is both repressed and intensely sensual.” I like those thoughts about Pekoc and Cleveland and this show very much.

 Christopher Pekoc portrait with admirers

The opening, Friday evening, December 8, 2006, drew a large, appreciative audience. Being a retrospective, the exhibition featured many older works from private collections, as well as current work for sale - many red dots show there is a strong market for art in Cleveland, when the artist is Pekoc, whose work captures prices into the $10,000s. The current work he exhibited include all sizes of constructions of fascinating photographs that the artist has manipulated, cut apart, stitched together, and coated with paint, varnish, and shellac.

 Christopher Pekoc Detail

As the above Adams quote says, the result is "intensely sensual", in both subject images and texture, being rich, supple, warm and glowing. His recent subjects, from Adam and Eve in flux to a large image of a hand, are intellectually stimulating, as are his earlier works in the show.

 Christopher Pekoc work

A most interesting image is from Pekoc's witnessing of the Kent State Universtiy shooting, which he presents in a realist style painting with absurdist imagery feating scuba divers... a fascinating mind at work here.

 Christopher Pekoc painting Kent

Guests at the opening of this exhibition were also treated to a special opening night live performance of Antiphonies for a Severed Head, an original work of music composed by Dana McCormick and performed by Cleveland Musicians

Convivium33 opening musicians

This most powerful exhibition, co-produced with Bonfoey Gallery, which represents Pekoc, offers one exceptional example of collaboration in the region for arts excellence. Two galleries, a preservationist, an artist, a composer, funders of original musical composition, Cleveland-area musicians, peers on the faculty at Case University, arts patrons, enthusists and friends came together on a magical evening to celebrate a great career, great art, great music and conviviality - that is Convivium - that is how NEO may show the world how we are world-class. Learn more about the exhibition, Convivium33 and gallery hours here.

 Convivium33 Pekoc Opening

The sewing machine was a witty touch

There is a lot to like about Chris Pekoc's work. There is a gothic quality to it, its spiritual, emotional, and mysterious. Then there is the texture, the layers and the technique -- mechanical and at the same time so organic. My favorite part of the exhibition was  looking for the stitches and the sewing machine enshrined. You might have to see the exhibition to understand what I mean.

Great review of Pekoc show... only up until 01/21/07

Steven Litt gave appropriate props to the Christopher Pekoc show at Convivium 33 in the January 05, 2007, Plain Dealer. Being a critic, but one who obviously loves Pekoc's work, he tries to find something to complain about (the natural light at Convivium) but concludes the show and setting are awesome. Up until January 21, so check it out while you may.

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