Trust--do you trust any politician in NEO?

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I like what I see of Fudge and Brunner

I like what I see of Fudge and Brunner - they seem smart and to have some vision and integrity.

I hope they don't prove me wrong.

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No, she needs people to help her win! Do your part:

No, she needs people to help her win!

People who will stand up to the Fisher machine in Northeast Ohio and say NO MORE!

Do your part:

Eleven days to go until the primary election and canvassing is underway!

Here are canvassing events happening in the area this weekend (all of these and more can be found on our volunteer map at this google map):

Saturday 4/24
2 pm  West Park Canvass @ PJ McIntyre's
Contact: Angela Shuckahosee
ashuck33 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Sunday 4/25
12:30 pm Cleveland Heights Canvass @ Tommy's
Contact: Shannon Jewitt
shannonjewitt [at] gmail [dot] com

1 pm West Park Canvass @ PJ McIntyre's
Contact: Stephanie Morales
stephanie [dot] morales [at] att [dot] net

1 pm Lakewood Canvass @ Sullivan's
Contact: Grant Colvin
gcolvin7 [at] gmail [dot] com

1:30pm Oberlin Canvass in the lobby of Wilder Hall
Contact: David Petrick
dpetrick [at] oberlin [dot] edu

At these events we will:

- teach you how to canvass
- do a little training
- distribute walk list
- introduce you to walking neighborhood and talking to voters about Jennifer

So bring some friends and come and meet other fellow Jennifer supporters!


Contact me at: scott [at] jenniferbrunner [dot] com

Once again, it's the home stretch with only eleven days to go to the primary. If we all pull together, we can deliver a victory for Jennifer Brunner and the people of Ohio!


Scott Kroehle
Campaign Coorinator, Cuyahoga County
Jennifer Brunner Committee

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The Political Gangster

                        The old trash need to be out, and in with new life. Yes we need people to stand up, Stop complaining, and help make this happen. Everybody has to do their part including ME. NO MORE LEAD POISONING, STOP LOCKING UP OUR YOUTH FOR PETTY CRIMES, STOP LETTING INMATES GET OTHER INMATES INFO. AND GIVING IT TO OTHER PRISONERS THAT MAY RESULT IN DEATH, NO MORE CORRUPTION, NO STEALING, NO MORE, NO MORE!!! We need good people in office and I think Jennifer Brunner is good. So is Marsha Fudge. I think things can be cleaned up with all of our help not just ONE.


We support Jennifer Brunner! Go get them Jennifer! Don't let the political machines make you flinch.... It's time to get the hillbillies rallied up to support you! ;)

What about a visit to the Curbside Cafe on Tuesday night between 630pm and 9pm when they have a live Bluegrass Band? How about having a small rally there? I wonder if the owners would approve of a candidate coming by to share info with the voters. We'd have to ask them first... Maybe we can get some support there...or at least give the voters information about the candidate... and remind them about the election on May 4th-since there's only about a little over a week left to vote.




Speaking of UnCoolCleveland - "They" endorse Fisher

Speaking of UnCoolCleveland - "They" endorse Fisher

Who is they, and who pays they to put their food on their tables?!?!

Vote for Lee Fisher for Democratic Senate Primary Although Cool Cleveland generally does not endorse in primary races, we are breaking our own rule to endorse Lee Fisher for the Democratic Senate Primary. Fisher’s opponent, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is refreshingly bold and decisive, and this makes our endorsement of Fisher a tough call. We need more women in the Senate, and Jennifer Brunner is sharp. Like many in NEO, we’ve know Lee Fisher for many years, and feel representation of Northeast Ohio by Lee Fisher, a longtime resident of our region, will benefit the largest population center in the state, and therefore the entire state. Fisher has served a wide range of roles throughout the years, and is well educated on all the key issues and the needs of our state. He is also a fighter and his recent position as Lieutenant Governor has put him in charge of economic development for the state, a role he can be expected to take forward to Washington. We urge you to VOTE for LEE FISHER in the Democratic Senate Primary.

Wonder what that cost Fisher and his folks... and the citizens of NEOcrapolis

What a bunch of bullshit - as uncool as uncool may be.

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Sherrod Brown, so far

So far I trust Sherrod Brown. Either I'm not sure about or don't trust the others.

I'm up in the air on Brown

I'm up in the air on Brown - he has not seemed willing to take on tough environmental issues... and his wife works at the worst newspaper in the world, which is ruining our community, and they must take some responsibility for that.

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I like Sherrod Brown

and as far as Connie goes, she is pretty good, too. It is not like she has a choice of print media in Cleveland. No politician will pass the single issue test as we all got an issue of one kind or another.

Connie is in the middle of the Saffold mess and getting personal

I've reported favorably on Brown in the past (over 3,000 reads) - haven't felt his presence here lately... just breathe his air... not clean and not promising to make it better

I've respected Schultz as a successful journalist (over 2,000 reads) but I found the following posting by her so disturbing it has me question her integrity - she takes sides against Saffold's daughter and makes things very personal, and that seems intended to cause harm. That is bitchy at best - collusive with Goldberg at worst... and taints the jury pool here.

I think she should move on to write other crap elsewhere and leave the news reporting to people who seem to have fewer conflicts of interest... I no longer trust her opinion about anything:

Saffold denied posting any comments. Her 23-year-old daughter said she posted a few comments using her mother's e-mail. Saffold's daughter attended the same high school as my daughter; I was her softball coach in the late 1990s. My heart sank at this news. We don't know whether she's the real culprit behind the comments, which included references to two death penalty cases in Saffold's courtroom. We do know her mother was willing to let her take the blame.

"Never," the judge told The Plain Dealer. "I have not. My daughter may have, but I have not."

Though these circumstances throw us into choppy waters of our own making, I support Goldberg's decision to disclose the judge's potential tie to the comments. "What if it ever came to light that someone using the e-mail of a sitting judge made comments on a public Web site about cases she was hearing and we did not disclose it?" Goldberg told Plain Dealer reporter Henry Gomez. "These are capital crimes and life-and-death issues for these defendants. I think not to disclose this would be a violation of our mission and damaging to our credibility as a news organization."

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I am not seeing a problem with Connie

or what she wrote as above. I do have a problem with the PD not having a clear policy that lets users know that someone may decide to out them selectively. That is a horse of a different color.  

I considered what Connie wrote intimidation of a witness

I considered what Connie wrote intimidation of a witness - Connie Schultz is the PD's most powerful weapon - their only Pulitzer Prize winning writer, with the only really impressive reputation there, and the husband who is a US Senator, should not be profiling a daughter's friend in this way, and should not be deciding such an important case in her column or at all.

I don't read or trust Connie Schultz any more bacuse of this bad faith.

If I saw proof Judge Saffold attacked Connie Schultz daughter, I would think her behavior inappropriate.

If Judge Saffold attacked her cousin at the PD, Phillip Morris, that would make sense... he does suck as a columnist.

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