Plain Dealer Has Declared Frank Jackson Re-Elected Mayor in 2009... is that what you want?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 01/11/2009 - 17:34.

Frank Jackson plods quietly toward a second term

In case you missed it, here was the Cleveland Plain Dealer column putting the lock on the Mayor's office for Jackson for four more years.

Timing is everything and it is very important to the regional industrial leadership to establish Jackson as "made" for four more years, as he is their man and with him in office they can route over $1 billion in urban redevelopment money to come from the Obama administration to the usual corrupt club. 

By the PD declaring Jackson winner at this early stage, before Obama has a chance to really evaluate how money should be spent in Northeast Ohio, this is a defacto endorsement of "stay the course" by the citizens here, so why should Obama et al think about changing things here.

4 more years of public money being diverted to rich, greedy, industrial leaders, and their projects, like the Lakefront Boulevard gift to Marous Brothers waste of carbon and tax dollars, and the Opportunity Corridor freeway and MedCon gifts to Cosgrove et al that are such F*CKING obsessions with all these white suburbanites and their politicians ... that is what this column is endorsing... 4 more years of corporate charity, philanthropy for the rich, underperformance by poor and at times stupid leaders, and continued economic depression in our community...

Is this the message you want DC to get about Cleveland, when they think about where and how to spend economic development funds...

When Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson seeks re- election in 2009, he is likely to face just one serious opponent: himself.

Three years after he handily defeated Jane Campbell, there is no real movement to knock him out of office. Not among black voters on the city's East Side, nor white voters on the West Side. Not among business leaders. Not among clergy. Not among labor leaders.


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Norm, how about you for

Norm, how about you for Mayor,  I think everybody is just numb.  nobody kows where to go - I don't - I just about decided to throw all the names up in the air and see which ones fall in the hat. 

No matter who I vote for, I get fooled.  "SIMPLEMAN"  Cimperman turned out to be one of the the biggest disappointments in my time.  And the more I investigate into political corruption - everybody is covering everybody else's ass - everybody is promising everybody else credit or favors - everybody is giving somebody little pieces of property - and for what?  What is at the end of the rainbow?  We sure ain't gettin' any of the gold. 

There's an old song that says "who's car is parked next door,"  well, you drive around Tremont and it "who's name is on who's signs."  Look on the Old Bank Building on Professor - it says "another STOREFRONT RENOVATION" sponsored by: Councilamn Cimperman, Mayor Frank Jackson, Martin Sweeney, and, of course, Tremont West Development Corp., Drive down to Sammy Catania's Literary Bluff's Condo's that says Lori Properties, and what does it say,  LITERARY BLUFFS - LORI PROPERTIES, COUNCILMAN JOE CIMPERMAN.  But if you look it up in the County records - the good  SII Development Director Sammy Catania is an owner of Lori Properties.  Wow, you think maybe conflict of interest here.  

Anybody want to take a guess as to why Rosemary Vinci gave our SII Develoment Director/Project Manager a parcel of property  (commercial vacant lot) (11/03/03) on West 19th Street for $0 dollars.  (County Records verifies)   Last time I checked even rich folks didn't give away property.

I live in East Cleveland. Draft Kucinich for Mayor of Cleveland

And I'm pretty satisfied with my mayor. Next step is to see how development plays out in my neighborhood - lots of open questions so I'll keep you posted.

I was thinking we need to bring back Kucinich to finish up his career here. He talks a good game and didn't really get a fair chance the first time - now he is mature and has global connections and appeal at a very unique and powerful level.

I'd like to see him come back, as a global celebrity, with a real reform package for Cleveland, and really partner with Obama, at the Glocal level, with a year in Congress to prepare to be mayor and align everything right, for our success - and a certainty to win - I'd manage his campaign!

As mayor, he would draw people from around the world to Cleveland - when I lived in San Francisco people were much more active supporting him for President there than here - liberals love him and we need to attract 1,000s of new liberals... free thinking, socially conscious folks that do things like start good companies, and grow good food, and program good software... from around the world.

With Kucinich as mayor, Cleveland would become a new economy mecca.

I also believe he is best suited to solve our real problems, which are not for the rich but human and social for all. As the most impoverished community in the nation, for years in a depression, it has become clear we need very different leadership with different philosophies than we have in most offices now.

Draft Kucinich for Mayor of Cleveland 2009!

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Talk about Nationwide Support

I was touring Southeast Arizona a few years back taking a lone drive along the Mexican border, doubling back through a very small, dense mountain town named Bisbee.  

Bisbee is a former mining town on the Southeastern tip of the state, running up against Mexico and New Mexico, home to about 6,000 people.  There is nothing around Bisbee except for tumbleweeds, dust, and the border patrol.  But, the town itself reminded me a lot of Tremont.  

I decided to get out and hike around the town and took a road up the mountain to the residential area... to find Kucinich for President yard signs lining the streets!



Not a fan of Kucinich

  As my representative Kucinich did nothing to stop the senseless destruction of the Fulton Rd. bridge, did nothing to regulate banks locally, contributed to the deafening silence on the mortgage industry and banking fraud until it was too late, and to, top it all off, wasted millions of federal dollars in his narcissistic quest for presidential power.  

I like Ron Paul and don't think that he should be characterized in the same vein as Dennis Kucinich.   Frankly, we need to completely reinvent Congress and the role of federal government in our lives.

Also fought to reopen ISG...

I think Kucinich running for Pres was a good thing - he atirred things up. 

I wasn't pleased he fought for ISG to reopen, bringing us the Mittal mess...

A good question is which of our problems are the fault of Bush and the White House, versus Congress, versus our Governor, versus various county, city and local elected officials.

Keep blame and responsibility where it belongs, and blame and hold responsible those who are responsible.

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busting on the Federal Reserve

Have you noticed, though, that lately Kucinich has adopted a stance critical of the Federal Reserve System? What gives?

who'd you vote for?

Who are you suggesting Laura? Would you run? You live in the city and certainly have ideas about what needs fixing. Couldn't vote for ya unless it was a county seat though as I live in Cleveland Heights.