WC Reed Park (Brooklyn Centre) closed for environmental remediation and renovation

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The following communications concerning the closure of WC Reed Park in Brooklyn Centre were issued today -- Please note the community meeting planned for 6:30 pm this coming Monday 12/17 at St. Barbara's Church.


Given a recent environmental assessment that indicates certain contaminants were found in the soil that exceed standards for recreational use, the site has been closed for environmental remediation and renovation. We take this action in an abundance of caution.

Please see the attached letter and fact sheets regarding the issues found at the site. There will be a community meeting on Monday, December 17, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. at St. Barbara’s Church, 1505 Denison Avenue. We hope you or a representative from your organization are able to attend.

Maureen R. Harper
Chief of Communications, Office of the Mayor
Phone: 216-664-4011     

See the following documents (PDF):



1505 Denison Avenue
Cleveland , OH 44109
United States
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HUD alerted of contamination in 2009


June 10, 2009
Department of Community Development
ClevelandCity Hall, Room 320
601 Lakeside Avenue, Cleveland, OH                                    
Attn: Kellie Glenn, Project Director
RE: Objection to Notice and Finding of No Significant Impact for Denison Senior Housing Project proposed on Denison Ave.
I am a resident of the impacted watershed, who formally objects to the release of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and/or Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME) funds under the Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 and under Title II of the Cranston-Gonzales National Affordable Housing Act as amended, to undertake a project known as the NRP Group/CHR Partners Inc. Denison Elderly Project, located at land bounded by Denison Avenue on the south, Fern Court on the north, and extension of W. 19th Street on the east and an extension of W. 22nd on the west in the City of Cleveland, 1914-2020 Denison Avenue
I formally object based on several criteria and because I can not ascertain that the following basis was followed:
(a) The certification was not in fact executed by the responsible entity's Certifying Officer. (b) The responsible entity has failed to make one of the two findings pursuant to Sec. 58.40 or to make the written determination required by Secs. 58.35, 58.47 or 58.53 for the project, as applicable. (c) The responsible entity has omitted one or more of the steps set forth at subpart E of this part for the preparation, publication and completion of an EA. (d) The responsible entity has omitted one or more of the steps set forth at subparts F and G of this part for the conduct, preparation, publication and completion of an EIS. (e) The recipient has committed funds or incurred costs not authorized by this part before release of funds and approval of the environmental certification by HUD or the State. (f) Another Federal agency acting pursuant to 40 CFR part 1504 has submitted a written finding that the project is unsatisfactory from the standpoint of environmental quality.
I am concerned that the City of Cleveland reached a Finding of No Significant Impact, yet acknowledges contaminated soils and a more than 20% change of use.
There are major environmental and environmental justice concerns about this project.  The project has been sited on the headwater, hydric soils of a buried creek, and is slated to tie into an antiquated combined sewer system. The residents of the area, many who speak English as a second language, have not all been notified and were not given an opportunity to weigh in on the project until the project was well under way. Overall, residents were not informed about the project until rezoning, transfer of properties and donation of City of Cleveland lands had already transpired.
Also of significant concern, the City of Cleveland Department of Building and Housing demolished 2000 Denison sometime in 2007, before the property transferred to NRP. The prior owner in default, did not pay off the lien, and, if NRP paid off this lien, as alleged by the Councilman Brian Cummins, then federal monies were released before the approval of environmental certification by HUD and the State. 
I strongly oppose the Denison Senior Elderly Project and request that the City of Cleveland and HUD denies release of funds for this project.

 Laura McShane