Urban Harvest Garden Tour 2009

Submitted by Jeff Schuler on Wed, 08/12/2009 - 02:47.
08/15/2009 - 09:00
08/15/2009 - 14:30

Celebrate local food, community, and culture as we highlight 13 community gardens and urban farms in Greater Cleveland on this year’s Urban Harvest Garden Tour. Bring your family and friends and discover what community gardeners and urban farmers are doing to transform our neighborhoods and our lives. (Now with a bicycling option!)

The tour kicks-off at Ben Franklin Community Garden in Old Brooklyn at 9am with a speech by Mayor Frank Jackson.

Catch Lolly the Trolley, create your own route, or best yet: tour the gardens by bicycle! (What better pace and power source?) Two choices for guided rides, starting at the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op from 10am.

A great way to check out some parts of Cleveland you may not have explored, and to see what different folks are doing in the Urban Agro sphere... Hope to see you out there!

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Jackson at Franklin

Hello JeffS,

I will be at the Franklin Community Garden  at 9:00am.  Thanks for posting this event.

best jeffb

Cleveland Urban Gardens by Bicycle

Cool, Jeff. I'm helping lead the bike tour which starts from the Bike Co-op at 10am. We couldn't fit Ben Franklin into the bike tour, being a bit of an outlier, so I unfortunately won't make it there for the kick-off.

If you feel like getting your bike out, instead, there are two options: shorter (~5 mi) and longer (~15 mi) routes, (see Urban Harvest Garden Bike Tour.)

I just rode the longer route tonight and I'm pretty excited about it. A great time even on my own...

Jim Sheehan of OCBC had some fantastic route selection suggestions ~ we'll be taking a jaunt through the industrial valley, a forgotten neighborhood, the Morgana Run Trail, passing by the sad and awesome Sidaway Bridge... and more. It would make a great ride even without the gardens! I plan to post the map tomorrow.

The shorter route misses much of that but will still be good fun!

fixin for fun

Oh: more bike goodness this Saturday:

The Ass Fault Alleycat Race at 5:30pm, (register at 4:20,) followed by bike polo.