Laurie Anderson - Burning Leaves

Submitted by Susan Miller on Mon, 01/12/2009 - 11:26.
02/07/2009 - 20:00
02/07/2009 - 22:00

Laurie Anderson visits Cleveland to share stories and music. Not to be missed!

More about Laurie Anderson.

a snippet to whet your appetite - Only an Expert




Ohio Theater
1511 Euclid Avenue Playhouse Square
Cleveland, OH 44115
United States
Phone: 216.241.6000
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Susan, will you review this for REALNEO?

As Cleveland doesn't have much in the way of mainstream arts and culture journalism left, it is up to citizens to take on responsibility for previewing and reviewing interesting things happening here, that would once have been covered by the "News"... whatever that is.

I've covered lots of art shows and concerts that have interested me, officially for REALNEO, arranging media and photo access and interviewing people of interest - I believe that is one way we may add value to the community and economy, as it promotes local interests and enhances our quality of life here.

So, Susan, why don't you start formally and officially covering dance in the region - arrange for media access - take pictures and video if allowed - interview folks - you are the best person in the region to do this, and it would offer all of us a great service.

Everything you compile will enhance the experience, and be part of the co-op, but it will remain your intellectual property and offer you the opportunity to profit, e.g. if others want to reproduce or publish your video, photos, or writing..

And, it may be fun!

Just contact the act you want to cover and ask for media access for realneo - if you want photo access, let them know - if you want to interview someone - let them know. Most acts have a media link on their website - contact them at least two weeks in advance - the earlier the better - if you can't find the right contact with the act, contact the venue.

There is no reason someone representing realneo shouldn't cover every arts and culture event in town, every day - we have the technology and co-op structure to really make that worthwhile for all. If you want to cover something, post the event on realneo, and contact the act/venue, as suggested above, and then post as a comment to your event posting that you are covering the event, and add your photos and write-ups as you go along.

I love Laurie Anderson and would love to hear your spin on her and this performance - I may go to see how my perspectives compare with yours!

But I doubt I could afford the ticket, and you are better qualified to cover this for realneo.

Perhaps, if there are still tickets at the last minute, could be a marketplace for them? If I knew, at the last minute, I could get in for a minimum donation of food or $5 I'd be there - why have any empty seats at any Cleveland event, ever!

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