Last Day to see great exhibit at Cleveland Artist Foundation

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The exhibition Designing History: I.T. Frary; Interior Design and the Beginnings of Historic Preservation in Ohio runs through July 16. I encourage you to take a look. The Cleveland Artists Foundation is located at 17801 Detroit Avenue, in Lakewood, Ohio.


17801 Detroit Avenue,
Lakewood, OH 44107
United States
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IT Frary's Library

I have attached a few photos documenting some of the research that went into the exhibit at the Cleveland Artist's Foundation show curated by Christopher Busta-Peck.  This retrospective is hopefully one of many to come--showing the rich heritage we need to preserve in NEO. 

Thank you to all involved--especially Christopher Busta-Peck--for their passion to save our local history.

Please see this list of materials used to compile the show: