Building Our Future Beyond Foreclosure

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Building Our Future Beyond Foreclosure
About the Series:
The foreclosure crisis in Cuyahoga County did not happen overnight. Similarly, the
strategies for moving our communities and residents Beyond Foreclosure will take
 time to evolve. Over the coming year, the Levin College Forum will focus on strategies,
tactics and projects that are new, creative, environmentally sustainable and invigorating to the marketplace. Challenging times are not new to Cleveland, and on this issue, where no roadmap exists, we have an opportunity to create a new path to our future. What do we want the 2020 census say about our region, our cities, our residents and our neighborhoods?
What are the policies, tactics and strategies we can employ now to make this happen?
Join us as we work together, Building our Future Beyond Foreclosure. Be part of
the conversation, connect with policy makers to rebuild Northeast Ohio's cities.


Thank you to our forum series sponsors:
Dominion Foundation and Third Federal Foundation
with additional support from
Neighborhood Progress, Inc., Enterprise Community Partners and ideastream
Setting the Stage, Beating the Odds

Thursday, April 23, 2009
4:00 to 6:30 p.m.
Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs Atrium
Cleveland State University
Glickman-Miller Hall
1717 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115
About this Forum:
This forum will highlight existing civic visions and plans for the Northeast Ohio
region and the state. A moderated discussion will develop a policy framework for
 "Building our Future" around the issues of:

* Land use and planning

* Equity

* Governance

* Environment

* Education
* Industry/new economy/jobs
David Beach, Director, Green City Blue Lake Institute, Cleveland Museum of Natural
Lavea Brachman, Co-Director of Greater Ohio and a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at
the Brookings Institution
Andrew Jackson, Executive Director, Commission on Economic Inclusion and Senior
Vice President, Greater Cleveland Partnership
Robert B. Jaquay, Associate Director, The George Gund Foundation and Vice President,
Fund for our Economic Future
Wendy Kellogg, Ph.D., Professor, Urban Planning and Environmental Studies and Blue
Ribbon Task Force member, Ohio Balance Growth Vision
Moderator: Dan Moulthrop, Host and Producer, The Sound of Ideas and ideastream



Save the date for the next forum in the series:
Alex Kotlowitz, award winning author, journalist and regular contributor to the
New York Times Magazine

Monday, May 11, 2009
4:00-6:00 p.m.
See Mr. Kotlowitz's recent article about foreclosures in Cleveland, "All Boarded
 Up"  [],
which ran in the New York Times Magazine on March 8, 2009.
For more information and registration: []
or call 216.523.7330

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see where they are DOing it - not just talking about it


  Debra--This is a hopeful article. 

Cleveland Heights project aims to rehab foreclosed homes

Posted by Brian Albrecht/Plain Dealer Reporter February 14, 2009 09:55AM

Why is this happening in Cleveland Heights and not in Cleveland?  BTW, more typically bad news for architecture in NEO--the Clinic continues to destroy local history and a landmark building for the Opportunity Corridor.  What's new in NEO? 


  I only posted the CSU event, so that we can cover it...I would like to talk to Mr. Kotlowitz.

peedee pulled the story...

 for some reason. The one you posted, Laura is an older article. The newer one had more information about how the city of Cleveland Heights is augmenting the program.

Thats a good question. I just spent 20 minutes adding to this with my idea of why. My stupid ancient computer crashed and I lost it... ugghhh - the evry idea of this event just drives me crazy - maybe its because I'm a Levin College of Urban Affairs grad student who wants to work her tail off to help Cleveland neighborhoods grow stronger and they have NOthing to offer.... just frustrated I guess..

I'm going to go transplant seedlings. Maybe I'll feel like it later.

Planting seeds

  A much better way to spend your Sunday.  Peace out sister :)  I am going for a bike ride.

oh yeah - i forgot -

 i'm not suPPosed to be doing those things - i'm clinically depressed...

well they are all potted up - pumpkins (batwings and luminas - socialist pumpkins, they have a warning on the seed packet that you are prohibited from selling the pumpkins or seeds, so i guess i'll have to give them away) melons, spaghetti squash, big apple gourds and my all time favorite - summer dance cucumbers. they're settled into the cold frames my husband built me. come June they'll go into the new community garden my friend has started (with the dedicated assistance of Stockyard Development - the cdc I hear NPI is pulling their funding from). The ground is compacted - old demo property. hopefully the gourds and squash will help loosen the soil - and provide her kids with halloween treats!

now i'm off to make my dear husband buttermilk pancakes and then survey a new neighborhood for a future home site (outside of cleveland, btw). enjoy your biking day! 

its such a drag being clinically depressed...


Amazing how people stigmatize you for past diagnoses- that are often admittedly wrong, and can definitely be healed.  I can relate, dBra - not much love and empathy for anyone abusing you on this one - been there, on the receiving end and still am now.  Feels so good to find inner peace and healing now and anyone should know they can too!  Feels a bit sad people try to discredit you this way.

that was mayor jackson....

 sweet pea... he said that people who criticize cleveland are just "clinically depressed"... 

i think i'm just chronically disappointed....!

My bad

Sorry dbra - mistook you, thought someone labeled you that way.   Have a happy Sunday!

"Clinically Depressed"

Hey everybody,

There must be a lot of "clinically depressed" people.  I guess I'm in that group.  Maybe we should clarify?  Is it Cleveland or is it the jackasses running Cleveland?  Crap, if you live in Tremont, you could be ready for CPI  dbra, maybe you could grow us a lot of pumpkins - I have heard recently that "melon bashing" could be very therapeudic.  Of course, I would really hate to take my degree of frustration out on something as nice as a pumpkin or melon. 

I told someone yesterday that I consider myself a very nice lady, but of late, I'm becoming "un-refined."  I must be from a different era or something.  Why is it that you can talk to people in plain english and they don't get it - to get your point across, you have to get down, dirty, crude and vulgar?   Perhaps I'm am just too out spoken and I call it like I see it as well as I'm not afraid to stamp my name on what I stand for. 

The Parking deficit in Tremont got put on the front burner when Dante came along and wanted to  utilize a church parking lot, surrounded by homes, in a residential area - right across from my home, and it stirred a hornet's nest with some of the residents.  We already have major headaches from the overflow of parking, due to valets parking everybody's cars, mostly from Professor,  on our streets.  It's not just the spaces they take up. 

 The valets leave around midnight and we're stuck with the drunken idiots acting like asses coming from the bars late at night.  We're left with the crap, the clean up of garbage, beer bottles, trash and used condoms.  They urinate on our flowers, puke on the sidewalks right in front of our doors and gates, etc.  That's not the worst part.  Last week, I had to personally go out and knock on a car window right across the street in front of my upstairs kitchen window, where my 5yr old granddaughter was looking out, and threaten two that were getting it on right in the front seat, with everthing exposed and I mean in plain view.  The girl's head was bobbing like a float and neither one cared that people were passing by or that people could see.  This is not at all funny.  And they think that putting 'em in the church yard is going to help the situation?  But trying to tell the promoters of this deal at TWDC that the situation is out of control, just falls on deaf ears.

They've known for over ten years that the parking situation was a problem and yet, nobody did anything about it, now they're in a stew.  In my research, I came across letters writted in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002,  from TWDC admitting that parking was a problem.  Now they got their knickers in a twist because somebody has the guts to call them on it. 

The more records I dig up the more non-compliance I find in the business retail district.  Somebody is surely either looking the other way or not doing their job.  I have found everything from no certificate of occupancy, to non-permitted valet zones, to non-permitted live entertainment, to required off-street parking spaces that do not nor ever existed, to patios constructed in the submitted parking site lot plans (by Jefferson and Professor) and the funny thing is, TWDC wrote letters of support to BOZA for all these fine establishments.  Now mind the same people that sit at the table of these committees are the same people who sit at the table of the committees who spearhead the stepped up housing code enforcement.  Do you think that unequal code enforcement could be considered discrimination?

Norm, the way that things are progressing in this town, if I could talk my son into moving his family away from here, I'd pack tomorrow.  My mom is 75 years old, has lived on this corner for 40 of those years,  and she has kids, grandkids and great great grandkids that call this old house  home but the place has gone to hell in the office of TWDC. 


Scanning documents into PDFs for linking in Realneo

Jerleen!,  (& Henry S, et al) 

With regard to the dedicated parking which goes with certain use licenses, and valet permits, and other public records - if you think it would be helpful to have those documents on line, they can be scanned and uploaded to Realneo as PDF fils.   These files can then be inserted into posts and will open as links.

Hit me with an email if you think this would be helpful. 



Plaster it on the wall


If you don't mind, I'm working on a Plain Press article for May and I have a load of documents, as does Henry, that we'd be more than happy to throw your way, but I want the article to hit the streets first.  Some of this stuff is real interesting.  Now the April issue of the Plain Press covered Part I of the story, which covers Parking causing Safety Issues.  Now that part does speak about the valet problems. 

I will keep you informed as I have decided that I'm at the end of my rope with having to keep explaining myself or appeasing everybody's sensitive senses when it comes to some of these pietistic congregations up at TWDC.

Recently, Sandy Smith told me that I couldn't be a member of a certain committee because of my affilitation with the Plain Press, I saw Sammy Catania throw a tantrum because somebody mentioned parking and safety in the same sentence, and he has an aversion with me as a renter, because I don't own my own home, I don't know what rent is for?  But it's a new day and some of those sanctmonious hypocrits livin' in glass houses, making decisions about what these long-time residents should suck up, are under the mis-conception that nobody else has any rocks.




Public Records Versus Media Investigations

Hi Jeff

Just to breifly get back to you, I have been really tied up on working with Cleveland Public Power on all these street lights out. I would hesitate to want to scan up anything right now, some things out in the public perhaps later when Jerleen's story comes out on-line regarding Valet Parking Compliance, Illegal Street parking, Signage etc.

But I was told by three media sources of the alleged name of Building Inspector #2 that is listed on the federal charges stemming from Stonebridge and La Copa. I do not want to mention a name until it becomes public, it will shake up some people. This inspector had did some inspections in Tremont. So some people at the PD and Channel 19 are doing some digging.

Most of my public record requests are from 2005 and 2006. But in most instances they are still the Certificates of Occupancy of Record.

I am trying to push the TWDC Economic Development / Long Range Planning Committtee to direct the ED to have a staff member contact all area bar/rest. owners and ask for their idea of the maximum occupant load and seating capacities of each establishment. Also to get updated public records if any to review and compare. This is the true problem. The City of Cleveland issued Certificates of Occupancy for many businesses in Tremont. The Majority had to request a Zoning variance for off-street parking. After BOZA grants a variance with certain condtions like maintaining parking leases with other area businesses, most of the businesses expand without pulling permits or having to go back to BOZA. Once a business is a Non-conforming use, any expansion requires a trip back to get another variance and permission from BOZA. Most of the leases have expired and it becomes a cascading problem. The newest proposed business that is proposed for Professor is going to claim its own parking lot that they own, but it was leased for another establishment to get BOZA approval. So what is actually the problem is most of the businesses have increased seating even with a patio. Their is just not enough off-street parking to go around and this will be the debate going forward, can the new proposed business get by, yes. But after that proper planning on TWDC and the City of Cleveland must be enacted to protect the rights of the existing businesses and the residents.

What is clear if you read Jerleen's Part I story in the April Plain Press it opens up some real safety issues surrounding illegal street parking in Tremont. I really wonder who took the parking signs down in front of several businesses? My biggest bitch is people parking in Bus Stops, and in Cross-walks blocking the use of ADA sidewalk ramps. I also take issue with Valet employees are charging for their service and then parking vehicles on the streets.

I really am not trying to create a problem for any of these establishments, this is actually the responsibility of the Cleveland Building and Housing Department to investigate. But they are having their own problems with the FBI.

I really think it is time for all these establishments to get together and work on dialog with St. John Cantius. They also should willingly work to become compliant pull proper permits and ask for proper variances for expansion's, patio's, of live entertainment. All which add to the needed off-street parking equasion.

Anyway, I think this needs to play out over the next two or three months. I have helped Jerleen with the accuracy in researching permits and requests through the City of Cleveland On-line permitting site. VelocityHall. I do not want to interfere with Jerleen's story or her own investigations with City Hall.

City of Cleveland on-line permitting site.

Demolition monsters

  Hi Jerleen--it's good to see you in print here.  I rode around your neighborhood today.  How do we get rid of the demolition monsters?  I hope your day got better.  I know that parking and lewd behaviors should not have to be part of your reality.  There are a lot of self-centered folks in NEO. 

I noticed a lot of holes in your neighborhood and throughout downtown.

Kudos to you and to Henry for fighting blatant injustice in NEO:

Click here: Pop Up Video


"This is not at all funny."

 I'm sorry, Jerleen - but you had me in several belly laughs! my husband asked what was up - thank you, honey, i miss you.

and Sudhir - no sweat - I would've thought the same thing. we were posting about Jackson labeling dissenters 'clinically depressed' a few weeks or so ago. Thanks for the clarification! I'm sure I was "clinically depressed" back when I had 3 under 4 and was living in poverty, but I worked through that!

oh and ps - Mr. "Treating everyone with respect might not be your cup of tea, but its the only way you are going to be able to get an opportunity to communicate grievances with others and have them listen in earnest. At the end of a conflictive meeting I really feel it is important to be able to at least say a last friendly word and shake the hand of the person who has just lowered the boom on a request and then nicely tell him you'll give him a call. "

wasn't able to look me in the eyes today (though I had a very pleasant smile on my face) let alone "say a last friendly word and shake the hand" or even say Hello, though he conversed at length with my companion.

so much for principles.....

Nope...It's getting pathetically funny

Whelp, so much for getting up early in order to try and get something done.

"This is not at all funny.

Submitted by dbra on April 5, 2009 - 5:58pm. 

oh and ps - Mr. "Treating everyone with respect might not be your cup of tea, but its the only way you are going to be able to get an opportunity to communicate grievances with others and have them listen in earnest. At the end of a conflictive meeting I really feel it is important to be able to at least say a last friendly word and shake the hand of the person who has just lowered the boom on a request and then nicely tell him you'll give him a call. "

wasn't able to look me in the eyes today (though I had a very pleasant smile on my face) let alone "say a last friendly word and shake the hand" or even say Hello, though he conversed at length with my companion.

so much for principles.....

.OK dbra, it looks like you are about to walk all over me. You've hounded me out and now you're about to spill the beans. You are about to reveal ghastly things going on and send me packing. Your harsh relevations will surely hurt me.

No, actually you are seriously being a investigative snit and a gossip hound. There's nothing within the scenario that occured that I should be having held against me nor can I think of any reason for you to mention it publically as if there was. What do you think you'll get out of it pushing my button? Are you going to directly interfere with my bizness?...  If you go far enough you might even prove my point about just what kind of 'slash and burn' community people you really are. So if you insist on proceeding with your outing of my personal business, go ahead it will make good lesson points regarding what you are really doing and actually about. Realneo 'Gang of Four' here we go again. Nothing like bringing the flame(war) a little closer to home. You recently took another shot at me in a post where I quoted you..and someone agreeing with you implied that I had been threatening, which I guess you've figured out is aginst my intentions...I purposely put off commenting on that, but am pointing it out to you now. You've pretty much gone full circle with this conflict...are you hovering for another pass?

I do need to precaution you if you end up proceeding with me as your target that you not mention names of people I work with or I am helping out, that would be entirely unacceptable (especially given the circumstance).

On Sundays I work with with upwards of fifty people, whilst taking on a pretty intense task schedule. I have done this for years. We were short a few people this Sunday, so it was actually pretty harsh and I was extremely busy. The fact that I poked my head out of the kitchen and specifically spent some of my valuable time to talk with your "companion" was within the realm of what I do. The reason why you worded your sentance the way you did is because you want the world to know, but you should not mention it and the community doesn't need to know. I would hope you don't take advantage of your comment to throw out people's names as some point of contention. I was aware of who you were and did not sherk or avoid you. I extended myself at great length given the situation at hand. Given what I was doing at the time, it was completely unnecessary to acknowledge that I'm in the midst of some sort of goofy flame war going on with you over the internet. You obviously don't feel that way, but you put yourself there in that parking lot and tried to enter into that which I do and the only thing you've done with that is to attempt to belittle me with your post above. This boils down to how are you as an individual, DBRA, as you go on about and around the community going to try and proceed? Did I mention that it would be far more appropriate if you just backed off and not gossiped about or undermined my efforts.

Crap like this is seemingly typical and a good reason why I do not post community things or many doings on Realneo. Nor would I recommend that some of the ongoing community conflicts be discussed openly on this site. 

yes, so much for principles.....


 as my grandmother would say... you are a real piece of work, cupcake.

I did not "hound" you. It took asking two people, the second of whom told me.

I did not "put yourself there in that parking lot and tried to enter into that which I do". I had no idea you were there. My companion asked to stop. I'm also a member there, for the past 15 years.

I am not going to "walk all over" "reveal ghastly things" "send me packing" "outing of my personal business". Did I mention your name, dumbass? I could care less. 

I AM making a point that you are a BIG hypocrit. Everything you blame everyone else for you do in spades. You are a BIG fat gossip and a liar. You unfairly characterize people and hurt their reputations. And, you do it all under this veil of supremacy and authority that is pretty damn thin and ungrounded.

And you are a hypocrit because after posting your big self promoting story about how genteel and supreme you are in dealing with conflict, - that very same day - you had an opportunity to say hi to me and smile. I was smiling at you. I was joking. What did you think a dragon was going to pop out of my mouth and bite your head off? What a baby. But, apparently you are not what you say are.

Just leave people alone, "Glowbawl". We are not you. We don't want to be you. And try to stop being so mean.

you know MY full name, you always have. 



 grandma must be a

 grandma must be a sharpie....I appreciate the supposed complement, but please don't call me cupcake (you should also not be calling me derogatory names either). There's just too much icing (and icy) ness between us.

I'm not sure what to call your actions...manipulative, detrimental? You obviously knew that what was going on was prep time for clefnb. I really doubt somebody didn't inform you that I am active on Sundays working on fnb. The person you were with was there by my own and our group's invitation. This is something our group decided by consensus that we wanted to get involved with. In regard to my "status" here on Realneo...As far as I'm concerned anyone who comes under fnb's work be they either "client' or 'volunteer' deserves privacy if not anonymity. That coupled with the widely known fact that we are actively being threatened and targeted as fnb in Cleveland becomes my request for privacy and your basis for what I guess is your accusation labeling me a supposed "hypocrite." Given that level of  circumstance I don't think there's any further actual need for me to supply any more of an identity. Contrary to everyones fears I'm quite real, people just need to admit it. This website is extremely public, so I urge you specifically to be very careful on how you write about the overall conflict we find ourselves in. Dragging others into this or unneedlessly calling me names doesn't cut it in your supposed qwest for who I am. There are divisive issues in all this and yours is becoming a good example.

All this trouble over the fact that you (purposely I think) managed to interrupt a conversation and unfortunately wouldn't go say you were smiling, yes... I agree, you were-obnoxiously smiling, and joking too... At no point did you speak directly to me, just mumbled things that I wasn't able to hear despite your being close, and because I was actively engaged in having a converstaion that didn't include you, it was disruptive. Luckily, I decided to abruptly cut our talk short because you didn't take the cue that it would be nice if you backed off. At the time I was very concerned about what was being said and that it wasn't any of your business unless both parties (me and the person to whom I was talking) thought it appropriate and invited you. You literally butted into something that wasn't your business, ignored the appropraite interpersonal cues to get lost, interferred with the flow of conversation and basically stopped our talk and then as if that wasn't enough you went home and posted about it on realneo. You were quick too, same afternoon, in a manner that's more like an entertainment rag gossip quote attacking me personally. It really was one big faux pas on your part, but you didn't finish with! now you want to take me to the cleaners by blaming the whole thing on me. You can't deny the situation cause you so actively wrote about it, you just won't admit your intentions.

I live in a very public sphere, many people on this site actually know who I you say it's not hard to figure it out. Lately I've been pushing forth on getting back into community events, so it would not be feasible to say or claim I'm in hiding. I actively take on other's concerns within my community work and with that comes an legitimate extending or providing a sense of privacy and regard for others. I do not really have a place in my conflicts for the crap you and other bloggers on this site regularly dish out. You've never been held to account for your own ability to disparage others, you seemingly have taken it to the level of an actual assault a few months ago. Now you are directly manipulating in my affairs with others and then running home and flamming me for it over the internet. 


you think

way too much of yourself, sweet pea. I've been a friend of Frank's for 12 years. He offered to accompany me to a meeting on the east side. He wanted to go to the food coop. "Nice if I backed off"? It was my car and you were standing next to the driver's door. I wanted to get in my car and DRIVE AWAY - you freak! And Frank was WITH me - so he had to get IN TOO!And you were talking about fucking yogurt, or something stupid. jeezuz- You are insane.


go away!


Creating a scene...

Duh, you need to be respectful of other people's business and that goes beyond just mine. You need to be respectful of his too.

Given the situation and that which has occurred, if he wanted his personal business to be hashed out on the internet he would post his version of what is. He is not able to do that, so why are you posting it. I know there's no way you would get his approval to speak for him and if you talk to him, you know how all this 'talk' bothers him.

"Friends" don't do gossip. You have posted a little gossip here and there and it's unfair.

Your story about what happened really that day just keeps changing...were you being a innocent sweet smiling thing or just friccin orney and clueless on Sunday? Maybe you should stick to situations you have a handle on and not create a scene.

Once again you keep calling me things...I think you once before called me a pea. I'm not green





i thought your agenda

was to malign me. Clearly, its not.

You only want to malign RealNEO, Norm is right.

Post what delusions you want.

You will not get one more word from me.

my agenda is my business, not any of yours...

 Dhra, I let this sit for a day or so. I figure you must by now realize that even if you ignore me on the internet, you're gonna run into me directly. Over the past few months I've run into you on many occassions (around half a dozen), I guess you didn't realize it...I certainly didn't press the issue even tho you've thrown insults, called me names and pushed forth on your pursuit of deriding others. Those are bad habits but I'm not going to allow them to ellict a bad response from me other than in my writing and altho you might find it offending it is respectfully submitted. At the Doubting Thomas, you even tried to sell me a friccing painting that I was considering bidding on, but I just walked away. You however have shown you personally can't do the same thing within a real life encounter. On Sunday, I purposely ignored you...but you went overboard and not only stumbled into a conversation you weren't part of but tried to target me by posting about it here on Realneo. As you know I found that action unacceptable and offensive. Further you've meddled into something I am spending time pushing forth on and it's none of your business (seriously!). I have repeatedly said that I have an expectation toward personal privacy and I really meant it. I have a feeling I'm apt to run into your real life gossip and other negativity from your actions...and yes, I do need to very publicly warn you against it.

I shouldn't have to remind you that you've gone to great lengths with calling me names and such. I have repeatedly felt the need to tell you that slander and such can come back on you, in ways you can't tabulate. In fact most of your personal ridicule has come back at me in response to exactly that type of warning. Now I guess that might be all fine and dandy here on Realneo. But then as I've repeatedly said Realneo doesn't stand up much to actual reality and that I'm a real person often around the Tremont area and I do expect to be treated as such. If you would have asked me if I knew who you were I would have told you that I did, in fact I think I repeatedly said that I knew many people that post here. You are actually a bit older than I am, but I'm afraid that's not doing you much good. You are going to need to get it together so that when you do actually have the misfortune to wander into my midst, it doesn't become a regretable interpersonal conflict. If you need to have a intermediary person to work with on the situation between us..fine, I do know of a couple of folks that could do that (they are mutual acquaintances). What I do need to know from you is that you aren't going to persist with this bullshit and dig into me further. I am specifically wording this in such a direct manner because you recently had one other bad encounter similar to this that ended in assault (yes...Sandy Smith, your neighbor). I would hope that you are prepared to make sure that doesn't happen with our situation here. We are adults and either we make a move toward something like stopping this entirely, or work on resolving it ...or then I guess at best somebody maybe goes to jail. Do I make myself clear... the gossip, innuendo, namecalling and such has to stop before it escalates further. You need to work on what happens next. You are pushing buttons you shouldn't (yes each letter you type in while typing out your crap is basically an offending button), I have been pretty complacent about it in real life (have not troubled you, threatened you or sought you out), you unfortunately have not done the you need to step up and initiate something positive. Realneo or not.



go away.

Both sides to a story

I have listened very hard to both sides of the "Assualt" story. Both ladies do things in one way or another for the Tremont community. Both are assets. I think this needs to be put to bed. Why was a arrest not made? Lets move on.

Why is it Glowbawl you seem to only hold discussions about people that have a dessenting opinion of the corrupted authority? (Cleveland and Cuyahoga County Political government).

These people have a right to freedom of speech, and expression, as well as you do.

Just wanted to chime in, back to working with CPP creews in TREMONT! (You know doing something positive for the community.)


doing something positive for the community

 Henry...I'm glad you did chime in obviously perfect timing...I was in need.

In regard to your approach to interpersonal conflict seemingly between Dbra and Miss Smith what do you mean by "let's move on". It obviously went too far. I would hope nobody needed the police to "handle" it. What's with people being able to purposely run things up the conflict scales so that blows are landed and future relations strained and near impossible. Ain't much of a positive community aspect there. The problem that I've focused on is that people are so caustic and divisive that Tremont only ends up with preordained strife. None of it makes sense or is worth unraveling. I think that the manner in which you and Norm insist in lashing and thrashing issues upon and hanging people in the midst of a bunch of accusations is part and parcel in this process. So between the two of you there might be valuable information but then the way you paint it all out is like bad ill-considered graffiti. 

One reason I was happy you entered into this thread is that you play an important role in this. First Dbra seeks me out, popping up in a parking lot just at an opportune time and then literally becomes insulted by 'my arrogance and hypocrisy' cause I didn't return her smile in a properly interpersonal fashion. Then I'm not sure what the exact need posessed DBRA to publicly reveal this was, but it was wrong and silly none the less. Then Jerleen decides to try using my name even tho I've requested with good reason that it not be included within postings here. I guess the two are conspirators in gossip-mongering. Finally you come in with the boner question regarding my political regalia. So I gotta ask...are you asking me with a straight face?

And the way you word your question to me seems to beg whether "I support or pledge allegiance this or that corruption?" Is pretty thick of you. It's more accusation than real inquiry. There's no reason for me to attempt to answer cause the question is so whacked. Whelp I'm just not willing to be in league with you on that which you flail. Sorry, but you involve yourself in disparaging games even at the face value level and you can't get out from under it all. I'm just throwing some of the venom that gets spit back your way. I haven't mentioned my politics at all. Just went after you for bad behavior... remember? And the reason I did that is there's so much accusations and slanderous charges that it really is in the way of being able to post here and have it remain viable and unclogged up by slime.



GlowBawl, time to explain yourself

Glowbawl, you bring bad energy to this place. I had heard from Laura McShane she knows you and you are a good person. I know DBRA and she is a good person. Because I know DBRA and I don't know you I go with my experience - DBRA is credible to me - my only reason to believe you are good is from Laura. From seeing how you act on REALNEO, you seem like trouble - here with the intent to cause trouble - the intent to cause trouble for all of REALNEO - all members - slander and discredit us - which means you need to step forward and explain yourself and your problems with us to all members. What is your agenda here?

Disrupt IT

Until Glowbawl explains himself, may we move on without him

Glowbawl has not brought anything good to this social network, and has brought bad energy and personal attacks against individuals and REALNEO with intent to cause harm... it has been a sort of quasi-anonymous sniping upon some people in Tremint and myself that I find offensive and cowardly... very low class. Until Glowbawl reveals himself and shows some positive value, don't feed his ego or bad intent. He is not my friend - perhaps he wants to be my enemy.

He clearly wants to make enemies.

Disrupt IT

Not funny at all


I can guarantee you one thing, that is one parked vehicle I bet you I won't see on College Avenue again.

I told the guy if I ever caught him in that position again, he would be missing a digit and it would not be a finger or toe.  I also tole both of them that before I cut it off, I'd take their pictures and post them on ever light pole in Tremont, in color.



this is why

 i love you, Jerleen!

sorry - but you still have me laughing out loud! this scene reminded me of A 150lb Marriage. I can't remember who wrote it, but he wrote Hotel New Hamphire, Cider House Rules and several others - all great reads!

Thank you for informing those kids that Tremont neighborhoods are NOT their playground nor their brothel...

John Irving

World According to Garp

Disrupt IT

thank you...

i'm terrible with names.

remote possiblity

there is the remote possibility that 2 people are posting as glowball...which is why fuzzy internet identities are so dangerous.
I know that Henry S. was subjected to this ploy and also jerleen....I can't police the whole internet to find out if other folks are
maligning me.  It's a real time killer.  I only hope that my voice is distinctive enough to not be confused with any evil-doers :)

Just know many people in unreal NEO will kill to kill REALNEO

REALNEO has many enemies - people in the IT sector or focused on using social computing to promote themselves rather than the community - and people who do not want the citizens enabled with good IT - who have since the beginning of REALNEO dedicated their efforts to causing us harm - and they have caused great harm, and proven to be real enemies. They have names and faces.

Disrupt IT

Jeff S should be able to determine that

That is a security issue.

Disrupt IT

If people are true?

I truly believe if people are true and sincere about their opinions, beliefs, whatever, they won't be afraid to stamp their John Handcock on them.  If I can't claim what I stand for, then I don't stand for anything.  I guess that's my problem.  That's how come my hide is always nailed to the wall. 

I want my name put on my s...t.  I am not afraid of what others will think,  shucks, if I have to be act like one person and think like another, then I'm not real.  I don't pay any attention to Mr. Glowbawl because, he's a no-name.  Shucks, he could be a girl.  He could be that joker with his joy stick in peril out here last week for all I know.  In today's time, with all these on-line alias' I'm afraid to talk to new acquaintances.  Could be the one that won't man up.  I don't want to deal with somebody like that.  Just ignore the phoney.


peckers Jerleen...really?

If people are true?
Submitted by jerleen1 on April 6, 2009 - 5:02pm.

I truly believe if people are true and sincere about their opinions, beliefs, whatever, they won't be afraid to stamp their John Handcock on them. If I can't claim what I stand for, then I don't stand for anything. I guess that's my problem. That's how come my hide is always nailed to the wall.

I want my name put on my s...t. I am not afraid of what others will think, shucks, if I have to be act like one person and think like another, then I'm not real. I don't pay any attention to Mr. Glowbawl because, he's a no-name. Shucks, he could be a girl. He could be that joker with his joy stick in peril out here last week for all I know. In today's time, with all these on-line alias' I'm afraid to talk to new acquaintances. Could be the one that won't man up. I don't want to deal with somebody like that. Just ignore the phoney.
Ha ha that's pretty funny...I like you sorta calling me a girl and sorta saying you'd try and cut off my pecker. You're a sweet heart. But why would you admit putting your name on s..t? Why not do just do or at least try do something worthwhile?

Yes Jerleen I agree, ignoring me might be best in your case. Some of the other folks on Realneo should make some adjustments before completely writing me off entirely, but you should just give up on it as soon as you can. That way you won't have to contend with my comment below about your other message from above ...

Not funny at all
Submitted by jerleen1 on April 5, 2009 - 8:34pm.


I can guarantee you one thing, that is one parked vehicle I bet you I won't see on College Avenue again.

I told the guy if I ever caught him in that position again, he would be missing a digit and it would not be a finger or toe. I also tole both of them that before I cut it off, I'd take their pictures and post them on ever light pole in Tremont, in color.

you see it implicitly describes how you imagine yourself threatening and yelling at a young man saying you'll cut off his pecker (wow). Actually I think it says you did threaten him (that was a no-no) and that your comment is actually you bragging that that's what you did. Plus you wanted to document the whole possible crime with photos and then help distribute them for the police (that's nice of you). Being that this was a parked vehicle it obviously put you in a position to get shot or at least in line for a violent beating, no? I think you can see that it's actually pretty bad thinking even if just fantasy. But there's another fantasy you should be taken to task on and be dispelled of regarding the broader implications of your tabliod writings within the Plain Press and your blog ranting and raving here on Realneo..clearly these are out of the bounds of any ethically based investigative reporter. You can't be both the source of community conflicts, innuendo, and slander and then turn around and be the reporter on those very same issues. That's a major no go (obviously bad, very bad). I can imagine you writing a lengthy piece on the welfare of young men and the difficulties they face here in Cleveland and all somebody has to do is pull up your rant on Realneo with Google to conclude that in all actuality you just wanna cut off their peckers.

So please go, ignore me, bother me no more and definitely try to be considerate of others around you.




It's apparent you don't have any children or grandchildren, not to mention just the total out and out disrespect of some jerk and he wasn't a teenager nor was the woman who evidentally couldn't make it to a hotel room (probably he was just too cheap) or a dark alley.  That takes some nasty people. 

That's what wrong with our world.  Nobody has any morals anymore.  Family values have gone to hell and our young kids and left out there with nobody protecting their innocence from the nasty creeps who would stoop as low as to get his jollies right in front of people's houses.  If you value your pecker keep it in your pants when you're out in public.  That's all I've got to say Kevin.



Seems to miss the literary reference

I think Glowbawl misses the reality that you interrupted some woman giving some man a blow job in a praked car on your public street and you are joking that the woman could have bitten the man's pecker off in surprise, like in John Irving's well loved novel The World According to Garp.

Disrupt IT

Exactly, especially in the


especially in the moment of surprise since nobody was looking as I approached the car in a fury and tapped on the window, either one of them could have injured his pride in his exuberance to throw the car in drive and floor the gas to get out of the neighborhood.  He didn't bother to take the time to zip up he was in such a hurry to move. 

This is not the first time this kind of stuff has happened on this street when these drunks come from the bars but it is the first time my five year old granddaughter was looking out the window right at these nasty people.  

I am one of the strongest believers in protecting the innocense of children and don't have any qualms in doing what's necessary to make it happen.  Any child. not just mine.

a shocking moment...

I can't imagine coming up with some explanation to a 5 year old who has witnessed this behavior, Jerleen. I'm very sorry.

Living in a bar town isn't all fun and games.

And harming the environment

Am I to take it they were not obeying the new law in Tremont... no drunken blowjobs on city streets while your motor is idling... it is a Cleveland Faundation intiative that is expected to reduce the carbon footprint of Tremont by 5%, and serve as a model for the world... it is a program run through their Cleveland Carbon Fund to save Sperm Whales.

Disrupt IT

Proper witnessing for children

 First you sigh, then you say with conviction 'it's something adults do and that as a child you'll have to wait until you're older to understand". Far worse would be to have Grandma running down the bad man (risking getting yourself harmed) and threatening to cut his pecker off as he tries to drive off. The violent Grandma scenario would be very difficult to overcome in the mindset of a child. Might even be a traumatizing event. But seriously, a child is resilient enough to survive witnessing a blow job, some adults convinced they are above it all and that they are overlooking the precipice of God's upcoming judgments apparently don't survive it very well.

Funny the scenario you are so upset by was such a far more common occurance on Professor in the eighties and nineties. There was frequently a prostitute(s) in the area there that would surely turn many tricks a nite/day. Unless you can think of another activity that such a thing as prostitution activity might actually encompass other than Bj or quickie fornication I think it strange that you raise such a fuss. Perhaps your not happy with that activity being elsewhere. Twas common in the School lot, library lot, on the street wherever it could be gotten away with. I think you could definitely look up the annual statistics but the number of such actual occurances on the street while still prevalent, are down considerably from yesteryear. Mostly because there are not that many folks around needing to feed their drug habit. Evil doer's no, living wretched lives, yes. Same for urinating, cause hard core alcoholics tend to urinate alot (dehydration) and the high drink prices and upscale bars don't lend themselves to dead drunks anymore.

Once again 'world according to of Garp' gets cited...But I would compare the old Tremont milieu to 'Wisconsin Death Trip' or a worse than Mike Leigh feeling that's similar to the unintentional "rape" scene in his movie 'Naked' cause it was that bad, in some ways still is only to a much less degree.


Imorality is as imorality does

Kevin, (Glowbawl)

My son and my grandchildren and the most precious gifts God entrusted to me for safekeeping.  That innocent little girl who trust me beyond a shaddow of a doubt was hanging Easter clings on the window and in that second I made a playful gesture and swung her around in the hopes that she had not been paying attention to the activities outside - I took her downstairs to my sister before I let my wrath loose on two disrespectful asses.

Now, I have seen too many children's lives destroyed and messed up because jerks like you say "they'll get over it,"  or "it's no big deal."  Well, it's a big deal to me and if you don't want your family pride in jeopardy, don't let it hang out in public places.

I'm sure it happens other places, that doesn't mean I have to tolerate it or condone it.  Some people do have morals you know.  He could have pulled off in a dark alley or paid for a room, went home, under a bridge, out behind the barn, whatever but instead he chose a spot right under a streetlight, right in front of somebody's house. 

Now, it's over and the dude and his bobble head are gone.  As long as it wasn't you, you don't have anything to worry about so chill, move on, talk about something else.  Keep it up and I'll put your last name out there.


thank you, Jerleen

well put.