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Cleveland-based Aspire Auctions, based in Cleveland, Ohio, ushers in the fall with a September 2010 auction. Opening for online bidding on Friday the 17th at 10 am, this dazzling array of nearly 1700 lots includes paintings, furniture, jewelry, antiquities, decorative arts and much more.  

Highlighted in this auction are pieces by 16th century Dutch artist Jean Baptiste van der Meiren. Hailing from an old South Carolina estate on Dawtaw Island, these works are fresh to the market.  In both of these works, travelers in Orientalist costume are seen with cargo, aching ships, livestock and camels. Despite some old restorations, these van der Meirens have held up very well.

Hailing from the city of Pittsburgh--both in terms of artist and 103 year-old consigner--are works by Albert Francis King (1854-1945), a painter who is often considered one of that city’s premier artists. King was acclaimed for his portraits of influential community leaders, many of which hung in Pittsburgh’s prestigious Duquesne Club for years. This auction offers “Still Life With Watermelon”, which is representative of King’s exhaustive emphasis on another of his interests, still life painting. This 1922 oil on canvas piece is also charmingly diminutive--it comes in at a whopping 3 - 3/4” x 5 - 3/4” sans frame.

Moving from the Pittsburgh of yore to Pre-Columbian Central America, Aspire features a pair of south-of-the-border antiquities.   One of these is a small bowl, purchased in 1968 from the collection of Lee Moore of Miami, FL. This piece, in fantastic condition despite dating back to roughly 700 AD, still cleanly maintains the mysterious allure provided by the Mayan faces and complex geometric patterns painted around its body. Complementing this is a terracotta tapir, purchased in 1970 form the collection of E. Vargas Alfaro. The serene expression of this jungle mammal appears unperturbed after several centuries; only its feet appear to have been restored.

Moving historically forward in time, this auction also provides a very special glazed ceramic vessel by Pablo Picasso, entitled “Woman-Faced Wood Owl”. Inscribed and numbered “edition Picasso Madoura 145/300”, this 1952 piece stands approximately 11 - 1/4” tall, and is in very good condition.  Crafted from turned white earthenware, the graceful bearing of this piece, coupled with Picasso’s flirtatious touch, inspires a sense of mythological whimsy.

The prestige of the Picasso vessel is matched by a gorgeous Van Cleef & Arpels sapphire and diamond earring set. Mounted in platinum and 18k white gold, a sapphire bombé hoop has been mounted with Van Cleef & Arpels’ patented and legendary “Mystery Setting”, technique that dates back to the company’s founding in 1896. Inscribed with a signature and maker’s mark, this item’s price estimates between $20,000 and  $30,000.

The bidding on this auction starts September 17th at 10 am EST. Bids are online only; lots close the following week.  Aspire will offer a gallery preview from September 17th - 22nd; with in-person hours from 11 am - 7 pm except Sundays. Contact Aspire at 216-231-5515, at info [at] aspireauctions [dot] com, or go to

Pablo Picasso "Woman-Faced Wood-Owl" est $2,000-4,000


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