Qui Bono?? THESE 3 scamsters CNH/NHS

2014 "Buyers"given fake loans by CHN now owe $139,309 in taxes


In JUST ONE YEAR, 2014, CHN Crime Parters, operating then as Cleveland Housing Network, unloaded 100 Lease Purchase properties. ONLY TEN of those went to real owners who largely financed their purchases through "conventional" lenders in this case Dollar Bank. Two of those buyers have ALREADY submitted loan modifications on their mortgages to Dollar Bank unable to keep up with the payments. The OTHER 90 "buyers" with horrible credit, in spite of YEARS of enabling by CHN with training classes on credit and money management and other BS financial advice, got fake loans from the Cleveland Department of Community Development and Cleveland Housing Network that have been written off. Several dozens of these "owners" are ALSO behind on their property taxes, in amounts ranging from $800 to $23,000, for a sickening GRAND TOTAL OF $139,309 in BACK TAXES FOR 2014 BUYERS ALONE. It is shocking the the army of enablers masquerading as financial experts that CHN Crime Partners employs to "assist" "buyers" with credit and money "management" problems, do not follow up once a property is dumped/sold. These "buyers" are ALSO required to maintain property insurance.......what are the chances of THAT?? It is a MAJOR condition of their fake loans which never have to be repaid, from Cleveland Community Development, and Neigborhood Housing Solutions, run by an indicted child predator, that at the very least their property taxes MUST BE PAID. All 10 of those REAL buyers, who not only have to repay their mortgages with interest but ALSO are ALL current on their property taxes. They WILL be notified about this double standard by mail. Why weren't THEY offered the same giveaways as the other applicants. Is this how CHN Crime Partners rewards those with good credit. It is blatantly unfair and a violation of HUD guidelines.


2015 CHN crime partners gave 85 “buyers” fake mortgages.

I wonder how the CRIME PARTNERS at CHN justify the HUGE LOSS OF PROPERTY TAX REVENUE from Lease Purchase Houses they “SELL” to people who have no business being homeowners.  Of the 90 Lease Purchase Properties that were transferred out of CHN Crime Partners housing stash in 2015, 2 have been sold since then, 1 was transferred to the Land Bank and demoed at taxpayer expense. Of the remaining 87 properties ONLY 2 GOT LEGITIMATE MORTGAGES FROM BANKS THAT MUST BE REPAID IN FULL WITH INTEREST. The other 85 got pretend mortgages from CHN Crime Partners and the Cleveland Department of “Community Development”. which will all be written off. NONE OF THEM EVEN HAD TO COME UP WITH A DOWN PAYMENT. AND the DELINQUENT PROPERTY TAXES owed by this group of 85 “owners” is....are you READY?  $175,862. 

In 2013 CHN Crime Partners flipped 6 Properties TAX FREE

In 2013 CHN Crime Partners pocketed a cool $572,700 TAX FREE PROFIT on JUST 6 properties in high income areas. In case you want to see for yourself, the addresses are 4080 E 187, 4081 E 182, 3862 Antisdale South Euclid, 1480 Newman and 1501 Newman in Lakewood and 17326 Walden. The Crime Partners are high rollers pocketing all that TAX FREE cash.  Because they are a NON profit. Right? So it’s all good.

Meanwhile back at the Lease “Purchase” branch of CHN Crime Partners, they successfully unloaded 103 properties. ONLY Three (3) qualified for real mortgages. You know the ones that you and I got that have to be repaid WITH INTEREST. The rest, the OTHER 100 “buyers” got the platinum CHN Crime Partners pretend mortgages that have been written off. AND in SPITE of ALL THE CLASSES on Taking Financial Responsibility and Saving for a Rainy Day, taught by Certified Financial Analysts at the CHN Crime Partners Embassy, those buyers currently are delinquent of property taxes totaling ....now don’t be horrified.....of a grand total of $172,144. I LEFT OUT those owing less than $1,000 because my calculator broke.


CHN NHS merger to cover for Cosgrove


CHN develops affordable housing in Ohio and neighboring states. It is also well known for its lease purchase program.

In May, the Ohio Housing Finance Agency awarded CHN a $750,000 housing credit to assist in a $7.6 million program to build 30 single-family houses at scattered sites in Cleveland's Detroit-Shoreway and Cudell neighborhoods.

The 40-year-old NHS, based in Slavic Village, offers education and counseling to homeowners and homebuyers. It also lends for home maintenance and repairs.




NHS was shaken last winter when its then-executive director, Michael Cosgrove, was accused of driving to Parma Heights to meet what he thought was a 15-year-old girl for sex. Instead, he was arrested by investigators with the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department. He was sentenced in May to at least six months' treatment at a correctional facility.

HOW does the FBI not break down this racket??  CHN and NHS were hatched by greedy gang of  real estate flippers anxious to capitalize on federal funds.

CHN was founded in 1981 by a group of community development organizations in Cleveland and has focused its work on providing housing stability for families and neighborhoods in Greater Cleveland. It employs 175 people. The smaller NHS dates to 1975. It has a staff of 13 who focus on education as a key component to sustainable homeownership.