Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital banner

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 10/12/2014 - 10:52.
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital banner

The Liberian who was sent home from Texas Health Presbyterian with full blown fever was probably the result of no insurance.  

The US government must assure every hospital that cost of ebola patients will be paid by the government - otherwise it is likely more infected persons will be sent back out into the community.  

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CLE response to Ebola

What a sad day in this town- no coordination. Jackson, FitzGerald admin are completely unprepared.

Cleveland on Fire Again + This time with Ebola

 Who ever is in Charge + management types + at the Texass Heath place needs to go to Jail.  Seriously.

The horrible response from Texas Health Presby will mean people die.  Maybe alot of people. 

Nurses  were not warned and allowed to do catherizations without protective gear....

Go to Jail MFRS

But ,

It could be just ignorance.   Altot of IGONROARCNE!

So the USA is the poster boy/girl for the most pathetic respone to ebola. 



And I am an antidiest. 


GOOD IDEA = place potential ebola carrier on a CRUISE SHIP!

 It gets better every day....Those folks at the CDC and Texass Health and the County Health Department and the Dallas Health Department, etc, etc etc,  really have it together.    

Put an actually infected nurse on a public flight (in and out of CLEVELAND< OH)  and then, let another potenially exposed nurse take a vacation on a cruise ship to the Carribean.

If you were a stategist for a terrorist, you couldn't plan this scenario any better.