2009 Clark Metro Development Corporation Youth Recongnition Awards Show

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June 24, 2009
TCO has partnered up with the CLARK METRO DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (CMDC) and CLUB SAN LORENZO to hold an awards show for the outstanding youth that participated in the Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U) summer job program 2009 in Cleveland’s Ward 14 Community.
CMDC YOUTH RECOGNITION AWARDS SHOW will be held at San Lorenzo Hall on West 33rd Street Cleveland, Ohio 44109 on Sunday, August 16th at 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM.
TCO will provide the entertainment featuring the finest local teen talent performing live throughout the Award Show.
For More Information contact Teen Club Organization founder, Londi Viccarone at (216) 322-8881.
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Clark Metro

  I am glad to see that this event listing gets picked up on a Google search for the San Lorenzo Club Cleveland.  I hope to catch the program as it features many of our local teens.

(Thanks Angel--it spares me the trouble of posting it :)

Y.O.U Awards Show-Tickets Available Now! $10.00 with meal

The events for Sunday's Y.O.U Awards Show are looking to be a pretty awesome event! I am very excited to hear about our 5 SPECIAL PRESENTERS FOR THE AWARDS... to include but not be limited to 2nd District Police Commander Sulzer, Officer Jimmy Simone, and Mayor Frank Jackson!!!! Tickets are $10.00 per person in advance and $12.00 at the door.

You may call Jack Gordon at

(216) 240-1338

 for Tickets.

You may also visit the Clark Metro Development Corporation office at 3167 Fulton Road on the 3rd Floor of the Lin Omni Center to Pick Up your tickets.

Tickets will also be available for $12.00 at the door of the San Lorenzo on Sunday! 

Jimmy Simone!

Got to meet the MAN today and talk local stuff.  Here are some of the photos...tacked on to my Brooklyn Centre/Community photo stream.  Look for the hall with the flag and stars on the wall.  Not so well organized--my apologies.


Highlight of the event for me (I had to leave early) was a performance by humble "g".  More later.



Jimmy Simone

 The only way that I would meet up with this police officer is if I were wearing a bullet proof vest & had my hands in the air. I forget the number of people that he has shot, it is over 10. He has killed 5 people, and the streets of Cleveland will be safer when he retires. That can't come soon enough.


I have greater respect

 for cops that show respect.

Simone reminds me of that snotty bratty skinny kid in Jr High that never got enough attention.

Very wrong

 Have you met Jim Simone?  I don't think your appraisal is fair and is biased by media reports. 

Unfortunately, I have met plenty of local safety officers, who are really afraid to talk with residents, especially the kids, and to meet them on a human level. 

Jim Simone is not one of those cops.  He was glad to be invited to this event today, because he wants good things for our kids.  I respect that attitude.


 Please do not define the basis of my "appraisal" and tell me that I am biased. You haven't a clue as to where I am coming from.

The news media has been very kind to Jimmy most of the time.

I know a fair number of great police officers who try their best to work with residents. They would be and some have been, devasted to actually kill ONE person.

Ward 14: CMDC Awards Show.... Jimmy Simone & Our Men in Blue

As with any organization, our men in blue have their good and bad... I could name quite a few cops who are awesome in our community....and several rotten apples. Just to make something clear about this particular event, it might intrigue you all to know that the kids ASKED for Jimmy Simone to be there. 

Years ago, I got pulled over by Simone so many times, that I lost my license for a year.... yep...sure did... The very last time he pulled me over, he said I was going to jail for not going to court on another traffic ticket... I looked at him and asked, "ARE YOU GOING TO PUT ME IN JAIL?" He said, "NO, YOUR ACTIONS ARE GOING TO PUT YOU IN JAIL!" 

With all due respect, I am not a hanous (SP?) criminal... I did break the law with traffic issues when I was "trying to get by in life" without proper insurance etc... Simone was doing his job when he gave me tickets without consideration for all of my personal life issues. Although I pled with him to be more considerate, he was realistic and upheld his responsibility as a police officer.

In retrospect, without question, he was right and I was wrong. That's life. As I look back on those days, I realize my own negligence that got me into trouble. But most importantly, those words always come back to be true.... Jimmy Simone doesn't put people in jail, their actions do!  Trust me, back then, I complained, cried, and blamed him many times for picking on me! But, today, I just laugh at myself over it all! 

So, I can respect that about him and all police officers. They have a job to do. I know other cops who've shot other folks and killed them and gotten awards for bravery. They are humble about doing their job. They live with the results of their choices too. It's a tough job being a police officer which encompasses so many diverse levels of community, social service, economic, and civic awareness. Our world is complex and adverse enough without having to undermine each other.

Today, when all these "FACTIONS" came together at the awards show, there was a beautiful, happy, and exciting feeling of UNITY within Ward 14 for just one moment in time... everyone left their differences outside and united for the good of all. It was a blessing that was unbelievable. I am quite proud of all the energy, the spirit, and the dedication of the almost 100 volunteers who collaborated to make this event a reality!!! The services that were unified, the challenges that were overcome, the differences that were exiled, and the smiles that were shared were priceless.

It's a very proud day for the citizens of our community... thank you everyone for your consideration!!! For those of you who missed this event...it should be on Channel 20. Thanks again for supporting the community events!

humble "g" --Cleveland's Fiddler on the Roof


Clark Metro YOUTH Recognition Awards...FANTASTIC!!!

First, I want to thank every single person from our community who participated in this event either as a visitor, volunteer, a talent performance, a presenter, or as a contributor in any way!!! I am SO PROUD of everyone's collective efforts to collaborate, produce, and effectuate this community event!!! Thank you to our presenters with all of my heart- to include Officer Jimmy Simone, Commander Keith Sulzer, and Councilman Santiago!!! It was nice to see several of our candidates there too.

Second, as we worked to unify so many diverse segments of our community through this event, it was spectacular to see the youth get up on that stage and sing, dance, and speak to the audience! The food was a mix of Spanish rice & beans, pork, chicken, spanish salad, and potato salad with beverages. The hispanic pastor said a beautiful prayer. Several generations of families attended this event to show respect to the award recipients. The families laughed, danced, and shared in a very promising event! I pray that the forces that be will continue to empower unity through these types of events while strengthening our bonds as a collective, teambuilding community! 

My favorite moment of the day... One grandparent was tiring near the very end of the day and started to leave, before his granddaughter received her award.... she begged him to stay as he headed down the stairs... He said "NO, I am going to the car, my legs hurt!" and she went back inside sadly. I looked at him and said, "there's less than 15 minutes left and this is a priceless moment for your granddaughter....maybe you should go back in." He looked up at me and started to debate...then they made the announcement...and I said, "come on, this is it!" As he crept up the stairs, she was being called on the stage...I went up to let her know he was there...and her face lit up like the fourth of July with satisfaction... then, she got to speak to the crowd and she spoke so proud with her grandfather standing there front and center to see it all! That was my favorite moment of the day!!!! Priceless.

Ultimately, we are working hard to overcome some huge barriers of diversity and adversity in Ward 14...So many changes, so many demographics, so many differences....but we all have one common ground and that is our community!!! So, I tip my hat and salute all the forces that collided today to promote a positive experience for everyone!!! I am so happy and so proud of everyone's efforts!!! Thank you all! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You all should be very proud of your efforts... PRICELESS!!!! 

Walking the walk

  Thank you for all of the folks that showed up today.  The mom across from me was crying during the beautiful song performed by humble g and king kwabena payin.  I am sorry that my camera doesn't do justice to the one recorded performance.  I was sitting too close to the sound system. 

Mayor Jackson, Councilmen Joe Santiago, Brian Cummins, and the contenders for Ward 14--Rick Nagin and Moises Torres were also in attendance.  It was a hot summer day.  It was nice of everyone to contribute this time to our community.