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Submitted by lmcshane on Wed, 05/16/2007 - 21:38.

Thank you REALNEO.  We do have a voice.  It is important to use it.   Please see the attached files and make your own judgement/statement. 

I want an arts organization in my neighborhood that operates with the future of our neighborhood in mind.  Is that too much to ask??  As a resident, I bought into this neigbhorhood for the history--Victorian homes, tree-lined streets and the old-world ambience of backyard gardens with sheets on the line.  I am willing to help make Art House work and so are many other residents, but not when you have us in the crosshairs.  Make it work for all of us Art House. STOP trying to prove that this is a poor neighborhood.  Prove that it is a rich neighborhood, where kids are valued because they are NEO--new and different--and proud of the fact that they get along.

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Sacred Cow

Cleveland's new sacred cow--arts organizations.  Don't question their motives, methods or questionable mission.  Get censored, or worse, be told how to think and talk.  That's creativity!

Phoenix? Art House?

Will Art House be the phoenix of our community?  A shining example of historic reuse and creativity?  There are hopeful stirrings by a new board with members who actually live here.  The two buildings that face Denison can become demonstration projects to house artists committed to living and working in the neighborhood.  Brooklyn Centre will rise again.

If so, probably because of you

I woudn't know about Art House if not for you... I'm glad to hear Wirth House may be saved (is that so?). Tell us moe about these developments and let us know if we still need to chain ourselves to any bulldozers over there.

Disrupt IT

Art House redux and West 25th Corridor

  Residents are always the last to know how the council folks and CDCs have decided our future..please see the petition to Save Wirth House and ALDIs in the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood.  Please sign: