What should be NEO's infrastructure priority?

Submitted by lmcshane on Sun, 11/30/2008 - 10:04.
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Shoreline Access Infrastructure Should Recieve Some Love

I checked other and by other I mean lake front shoreline access. Chicago has a tremendous amount of lakefront access and it provides a recreational attribute to the community which helps anchor it (pun intended) to the shores of the largest body of wilderness owned by our great state (held in the public trust).


You have my agreement there.  ZM, I just came back from Michigan, the state of big, stupid cars and endless highway...they are just realizing the potential of water...let's all slow down for a minute and think about other ways to get around, besides the personal automobile...then, let us build for everyone.

other NEO infrastructures

what about

  • education
  • public transit
  • a fresh, local, organic foodsystem
  • free, ubiquitous, internet
  • alternative energy

I was glad to see other...

Excellent list, Jeff. Exactly why I voted other. I looked over the list of present infrastructure priorities hyped here and could care less about most of them... your list is where I am focused.

Disrupt IT

Federal dollars

now ...make that list add up to federal dollars awarded to metropolitan areas.  RTA has $10 million dollars plus $1 million dollar investment from Cleveland Foundation towards the renovation of the University Circle transit/bus node on Cedar Hill...what other monies are guaranteed to NEO?  Sit through a NOACA meeting sometime and find out.

Doan Brook

This would be my first priority for water infrastructure improvements--what happens to $15 million dollars in Cleveland???


Doan Brook flood project was shelved due to cost

Author: Susan Vinella, Plain Dealer Reporter