Vadxx Questions ????

Submitted by lmcshane on Wed, 04/10/2013 - 07:40.

My main take-away from the meeting last night was that this could be a bona-fide recycling operation - but why this location East 79th and St. Clair???

Surely, the City of Cleveland could find a location that would allow for future expansion that would not impact a nearby (primarily African-American) community of residents.  City of Cleveland's process was also very obtuse as pointed out by Marty Gelfand who presented last night (South Euclid Councilman and former Kucinich legal counsel).  

I will dig up public notice apparently printed in the PD on 9/13/2012.

Grateful that residents and activists turned out in numbers last night.  Channel 19 and PD covered the event:

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Vadxx flyer

Vadxx will get Port Authority bond & buy Chinese pyrolysis equip

 Hello lmcshane,  

Thanks for attending the meeting and filling others in here on Realneo.

I see Vadxx as a totally bogus operation which has curiously come up after the failure of Mayor Jackson to provide a no bid light bulb contract to a Chinese operation, and then the failure of the Mayor in inserting a trash incinerator (on the west side of Cleveland) which incinerator was also scheduled to use a new and different outstanding Chinese incineration technology.

Vadxx is round three for the Mayor.

Look on line for pyrolysis equipment (link to pyrolysis images) or pyrolysis incinerators and the only manufacturers are Chinese.   

Vadxx is already backing off of their original plan to cook tires - apparently last night now it is only plastics they will cook.  

Every operation that appears in Cleveland knows that the bank is at the Port Authority.   Chris Kennedy and Vornado knew it with the Medcon.  The Cleveland Clinic knows it.   The Geis Cos, developer of the new County Ameritrust complex knows it.  Felon Veterans Hospital developer Forlani knew it. 

No private investor would put "2 to 20 million" into a plastic cooker next to houses with the plan to ship barrels of oil to Texas.

HuH?  Texas?

and we haven't even touched on the Gus Frangos owned land for Vadxx connection...

VADXX dumps CLE and Frangos Land Bank mess