Twitter challenges court - withholds NYC Occupy user's account records - Occupy is making a dent with BankOfAmerica

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 05/09/2012 - 09:17.

Use of the internet leaves a perfect record - for Google, for Facebook, for corporations who buy the tracking information from Google and Facebook, and for the authorities if they can get it.   Here is a link to BBC News which discusses the Court demand for Twitter data.

The  FBI entrapment action which took place recently at Occupy in Cleveland's public square was driven, in my estimation, by the Forest City and Gilbert Casino desire to "street sweep" Public Square in preparation for the Horseshoe Casino opening later this month - not driven by non-Cleveland corporate concerns or by "homeland security" concerns .   

However, in Charlotte, NC, a new draconian law "allowing" police to search persons and their property on public streets (link to Charlotte Business Journal) has been implimented for today's Bank of America stockholders' meeting. 

The the timing of the Charlotte search law, and the request by Bank of America to have it's function fall under the law's purposes of use, indicates to me that the Occupy thesis is having an impact.    

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