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I was searching for the request for Tremont retail recommendations and I can't find it this morning, so I'm posting from scratch.

While retail is still a tough go in Tremont, we have more establishments now than ever before!  Have I also mentioned that if you take a step back and look at the Tremont Entrepreneurs... a big majority are women!   

Here is a run down of the latest and greatest retail establishments (no offence to the restaurants & pubs, but most are already famous) ;) 

Below are the establishments and what they offer for the holiday season.  Most also offer gift certificates: 

A Cookie and a Cupcake: Delicious and beautiful.. you got it... cookies and cupcakes!

Banyan Tree:  Clothing, home goods, jewelry

Civilization's Coffee House:  Gift baskets and other coffee/tea related goodies. 

Eye Candy Gallery:  Jewelry, art, gifts 

Fantasy Dolls:  A must stop if you are a doll collector.  FD specializes in Asian Ball Joint dolls and their accessories

Lily's Handmade Chocolates:  Heavenly chocolate and a great beer/wine/champagne selection

Lucky's Cafe/Sweet Mosaic:  Delicious cookies and cakes with a holiday theme.

Mutt Hutt:  Pet accessories and doggie day care for your holiday travels

Noga Floral:  One of the oldest retail establishments in Tremont.  Arrangements, baskets, and more!

P.D. White Furniture:  Custom and original wood designs for your home

Pinky's Daily Planner:  Women's clothing, off the rack and custom designed

Powter Puff Boutique:  Fun and Funky clothing and accessories for the ladies

Tremont Scoops:  Holiday themed desserts

Virescent Designs:  Beautiful, hand crafted jewelry for men and women.  Many made from found/recycled metals.

Visible Voice Books:  Holiday cards, gift cards, and a great glass of wine!

Looking for fine art?  A listing of the fine art galleries may be found at either: or 

And Last but not least:

Southside Concierge & Cleaners:  Our lifestyle services boutique offers gifts (to wrap or ready to give), gift wrap, FedEx shipping, clothing consignment, alterations, errands, light holiday catering, maid service, garment care, and much more.  All holiday inventory is on sale and sale prices start at $1.00!!

AND - For your out of town guests - we have a B-n-B (Bed Near Breakfast) just off Professor in the heart of the art and entertainment.  Mention RealNEO and get a discounted weekend rate. Reservations can be made at:  SC&C 216-241-7720. 

And if I forgot anyone, my deepest apologies... it's been a long, crazy month.


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Positively Tremont

  Great places and great ways to welcome back the light to NEO.  

Thanks Desiree  :)

alterations? at Southside Concierge and Cleaners?

I'll be seeing you fuh shizzle... All these old chestnuts in my closet and many of them need some TLC. What do I want for Christmas? Some stitches taken here and there to mend and preserve my historic wardrobe.

Can you work on sweaters, too? It's just a seam, not a moth hole or anything - a beautiful sweater I found years ago at Gems Department Store (now in the Colonial Arcade) needs a few stiches on a seam.

There are two long established holiday traditions re: shopping in our family- one is Gems Department Store from my years at CSU and the other is Mitchell's Candies from years living in the Coventry neighborhood. Looks like I may be adding some Tremont Boutiques and services to that tradition this year. See you next week.

yes! alterations! ...and shoes, leathers, and bags!

We pretty much do it all.

We do sweater seams all the time. 

I even have a re-weaver that I work with out of Chicago that expertly reweaves holes in fabrics..  although it is neither fast nor cheap - but it is possible - it's worth it for expense suits, heirlooms, or items with sentimental value. 

Today's header

  Is a deer in the headlights at Chez Roulet?  I am missing it--but magic and mystery is good.  I second Susan's recommendation to head over to Tremont for some alterations.   I can even walk there on a good day :)  I have a super cool skirt from the Powter Puff Boutique, and I have passed on the word to my chica friends, because Spanish is todo bien at the boutique. 

Also, let it be known that the West Side Market has lots of holiday hours next week.  Open Monday until 6:00 p.m. and on Christmas Eve (Wednesday) until 4:00 p.m.  The market will be open on the day after Christmas, too...for all the other denominations and non-denominational family events planned for the coming weeks and to usher in a better NEW YEAR for all of US in NEO.

Keep it REAL...

Actually, Frank Giglio's Farm

Hiow about today's header...

Where is this?

Disrupt IT

Jefferson Ave and Tremont Ave

Prominently featured, left-to-right:

  • Tremont Montessori: the only public Montessori school in NEO. Grades pre-K to 8.
  • Southside Cleaners and Concierge: Des's biz ~ alterations, consignment, FedEx... a little bit of everything.
  • La Bodega: Darn good sandwiches... (Who else will cook you a peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich?)

peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich

You just have to know the right mom or grandma - my granddaughter just loves peanutbutter, honey and banana sandwiches - we also like peanutbutter honey and apple, those are pretty good too.

I love Powter Puff!  Brook

I love Powter Puff!  Brook is awesome!




Sorry!  I knew I was going to forget someone!



Take pART

  And, lest any one think that all we do at RealNEO is council and CDC bash Tremont...

Let me add that programming in Lincoln Park funded through the Ohio Arts Council and local council funding and programming offered at our local churches/synagogues/temples like CityMusic make NEO a POSITIVE place to call home.  If you have a happy story to share--Ohio Arts Council continues to collect these stories here:

 PLEASE also help CityMusic and the arts in Cleveland by donating your unused  instrument for CityMusic's after-school youth orchestra program.
Call 216-321-8273 or email info [at] citymusiccleveland [dot] org