Touchy Fox8 assistant news director Andy Fishman comment spams to defend Mansion segment

Submitted by Tim Russo on Tue, 02/10/2009 - 12:22.

It's really hard to parody someone when they prove your point in everything they do. 

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Seeing Fishman in action tells us who should be unemployed here

Tim, you are the master of shock media here and you sure punked these old school farts... no wonder they are going out of business.

Pretty disrespectful, smug talk from a man in an industry that is a disgrace to America, at the compnay that is the greatest disgrace in world media, which is tanking like NCB, and will be firing plenty of Fishman's "friends", if he has any, and perhaps Fishman, and none of them will be remotely employable without us leading development of the new economy their shitty company tries so hard to corrypt.

Glass houses.. Fishman, go talk to some fired folks in the media industry and see what they think of smug, disrespectful, overpaid, untalented talking heads insulting citizens and unemployed folk who are responsible for media shitheads' paychecks... advertising only works if consumers buy, and we aren't buying your shitty attitude, Fox8.

And, if Fishman committed fraud by posting a false comment in a false name on your blog, he should be fired.

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