Study Sessions Launches an Electronica Revolution at the Euclid Tavern, every Monday

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Sat, 01/03/2009 - 00:18.

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A new movement is growing up from the underground to the mainstream here at the Euclid Tavern, at Euclid and 116th, every Monday night from ten to two-thirty.  As a fellow techno and electronica enthusiast (going on 20 years now) its a homecoming of sorts, and as strange as it may sound – a redux and revamp on an older, storied tradition. We revisit the past in so many ways, and this latest permutation invokes the energies and evokes the memories of the Techno movement that spiked here in the mid-nineties in Cleveland with Smart Bar,and mainstays Mike Filly and Rob Sherwood not to mention the legendary (and now-reinstated) Church bringing the base every Sunday night at Trilogy / Metropolis on the West Bank.  Still, this past decade has not been without its particular techno highlights - I experienced one of the greatest raves in recent times with a global contingent of CWRU MBA classmates five years ago, indulging in the mastery of the infamous Paul Oakenfold at Trilogy on Labor Day.

euc  crowd

This weekly event at the Euc features a diverse set of progressive Djs local to NEO named the Cleveland Drum and Bass Coalition. Its a fascinating medley of artists spinning the steel wheels to leverage  and often blend Drum 'n Bass, Dubstep, Breakbeat, House, and Techno to full effect.  Quite a unique sound and diverse scene is making its introduction at this typically blue-collar, rock n' roll tavern - but diversity is the spice of life!  Fun and eclectic visuals dominate the tavern's big screen and form a sexy backdrop for the artistic talent blasting the energized crowd each week. I had the unique opportunity to chat with one of these talented musicians last week – Matthew Jones, aka DJ Atypical.  Here he is (blue ballcap) diggin the grooves with other House enthusiasts as things got rolling later that night.  I gave Atypical's demo a perusal last week and found his work energizing and unique - his humility belies a deep and authentic talent for original, creative turntablism.

Atypical and others groove to beat

The Cleveland Drum and Bass Coalition embodies the essence of a true collaborative and collective – equipment, music, talent, advice, and other valuable resources are all shared amongst the crew and leveraged to maximum effect.  I was particularly impressed with the level of social consciousness embodied these young, creative, savvy, and enlightened artists making their unique mark on the region, and rapidly gaining global notoriety. This particular Monday featured the sonic stylings of some rapidly growing young talent blended with old school experience.  Members are particularly supportive and enriching of each other creating a nice synergy via mentoring, information sharing, humility, inclusion, tolerance, and service orientation - and this group's collective talent is all the better for it.  These guys flat-out rock.

Opening the session was the very prolific and purist turntablist DJ Emplate, who features specific stylings traversing and blending genres from Liquid to Neuro.  Matt made certain to point out that this veteran talent is the group's co-founder and serves as de facto leader of the Coalition.   He regularly plays some of the hottest clubs in town (Anatomy, Touch , etc).

DJ Emplate

Andy James followed soon after with a fantastic and original set highlighting his own beats – self produced tracks he created using advanced technology.  Andy belongs to his own crew in Akron labeled Tek-know? and has established a significant global presence.  Now a Clevelander, several of Andy's self-produced pieces have garnered international recognition and acclaim, and he regularly gets compliments from a variety of knowledgeable electronica experts and enthusiasts overseas.   DJs come in forms and fashions as varied as life itself, a unique and diverse blend of styles in this case, even traverses boundaries of conflict.  Many Coalition members are purists and swear by the fundamental DJ rig – essentially comprised of two turntables and a mixer. However, other DJs like Andy James acknowledge the tremendous opportunities offered by the integration of digital technology and media and utilize a seamless integration of laptop with cutting edge software like Fresh Scratch, Serrato Scratch, Virtual DJ, Ableton and others.

Andy James

Some software applications dedicated to the DJ domain are particularly powerful and, truth be known, much of the original techno and original beat lines are drawn just this way, via computer guidance and enhancement.  One has to truly appreciate the skills laptop DJs possess, however, and Andy seamlessly blends digitial samples and mixes via laptop with his turntablism so on this particular Monday we, and many others around the globe, are all happier for it.  Kudos Andy!

Stout XTC blasted the house and bass with a phenomenal closing set the got the sizeable and energetic crowd pumped.  He's had the honor of opening for some of electronica's finest -  worldwide talents from the likes of Dajae, Mazi, Alexander East, Bryan Jones, Andy Caldwell, The Sound Republic, Joey Youngman, Rick Preston, and Justin Long.   This gifted groovemiester  features mixing styles blend from the very deep and soulful to a banging groove that just demands you to dance! He's had residencies & played events at a multitude of major venues in the greater Cleveland area.  You can experience Stout's sound for yourself - he asks that you simply send a message for a link to a mix, check for an upcoming event in the Greater Cleveland area.  Stout XTC is also the featured MC on the weekly WRUW radio show BeatMatrix, which you can listen to live online or on FM radio, every Monday night 9-11 PM.

Stout XTC

Yes, ladies and gentlemen a movement has spawned here at the small but mighty Euc.  The Cleveland Drum and Bass Coalition has already been well received at Touch Supper Club, Anatomy Nightclub and Lounge, and several other clubs in just the past few weeks.  Enjoy a taste sans cover every Monday at 10 , here at the Euclid Tavern.  Be sure to ask for manager and creative dirctor Gary (Cirino) and congratulate him for a terrific and diverse addition that has turned Monday nights fun again in University Circle.  You'll find him distributing the happiness, good vibes and libations to greet all who may and should enter and get their groove on.

Event Founder Gary Brings the Lovely Libations

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