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Stockyard, Clark-Fulton & Brooklyn Centre

Community Development Office


3167 Fulton Road, Suite 303, Cleveland, Ohio 44109

Tel (216) 961-9073 / Fax (216) 961-9387

 Service Delivery Summary

On July 1, 2010, Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (DSCDO) was asked to provide community development services for the Stockyards, Clark Fulton and Brooklyn Centre neighborhoods. 

The primary services proposed for the area are “Neighborhood Stabilization” – community organizing, housing code enforcement, safety, and support for resident lead neighborhood improvement initiatives.  

There are 5 full-time staff at the SCFBC program office, 1 full-time law school fellow, 1 full-time Americorps Vista service worker, 1 part-time intern, plus support from DSCDO Housing Director and Single Family Manager, housing and safety service partnership with MidWest Housing and commercial development support from Tremont West Development Corporation and DSCDO, all under the supervision of DSCDO’s Executive Director.


See attached PDF for details of staffing

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Sammy Catania?


Are you talking about this Sammy Catania from Tremont West?


Sammy Catania, employee of Tremont West Development Corporation, is charged with assault and menacing.

video of Sammy in action here





would not be green at all

Would not be smart either      see here en Espanol


Capitalist Pig


WOW....HOW YOU WORK TO INVITE THE HISPANICS ONLY ======== DISCRIMINATES AGAINST ALL ELSE....THIS IS INSENSITIVE TO THE PUBLIC AT LARGE. IT IS TARGET MARKETING WITHOUT INVITING THE REST OF THE CITIZENS OF THE COMMUNITY. YOU HAVE NOT EVEN LEARNED HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE ENGLISH SPEAKING CITIZENS APPROPRIATELY TO DATE... AND NOW-WHILE YOU "tell the english speaking citizens" about the services----you post another item that only invites the hispanics so that the reps can learn about communicating with the people????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I AM INSULTED...and then you will have ZONE, WESTBROOK, and YOURSELF AT THE HELM profoundly touching the most vulnerable citizens in our community with your objectives.........woooooooooooohhhhhhhhh horseeeeeeeeey! 



[NOTE - See attached for English and Spanish text]

Como es sabido, la organización de Stcokyards Redevelopment suspendió sus operaciones a principios de este año. Los servicios de desarrollo comunitario para esas vecindades son ofrecidos actualmente por tres organizaciones: la oficina de de Stockyard, Clark-Fulton & Brooklyn Centre Community Development (SCFDO) que es satélite de Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (DSCDO), y Tremont West Development Corporation y Ohio City Near West Development Corporation. Además de los cambios en la entrega de servicios, estamos apoyando una estrategia para que las voces de la comunidad sean oídas, ahora y en el futuro, por concejales y representantes de DSCDO y SCFBC. nauseum... Hispanic buy-in

Dianna--I attended the last meeting...Councilman Cummins is trying to get buy-in, but frankly the organizers...should know that putting a flyer out in Spanish and English is not going to draw residents who speak Spanish.

Frankly, residents are sick of meetings and if I may speak for the more recent immigrants who speak Spanish...these folks don't have time for a meeting, either. 



Purpose of the postings

none;mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none">The intentions of posting this info were to inform folks of the up-coming meeting, services and staff. Sammy Catania is listed as the Commercial Manager for the Ward 14 portion of Tremont and for W. 25th Street. My office is also working with the City, NPI, the other Councilman and other Development Corporations that are responsible collectively for the entire W. 25th street corridor.  

We have spent the first portion of this year on ensuring strong development services for residents and are now focusing more energy on reviewing commercial services, opportunities and priorities. These notices were posted to draw attention to the fact that we're trying to generate community interest in strengthening existing and organizing new block/street clubs. We’ll be working with businesses, faith-based organizations and schools as well.
I utilize my funding authority to fund organizations for projects and services. The recent funding contracts were authorized in July 2010 and based on past services and the development of a new model of services to address the needs of the new Ward 14. Personnel issues are dealt with by the organizations and can also fall under the various regulations that are attached to the funding.
The incident involving Sammy Catania that is in the courts is very unfortunate. I've expressed my concerns to the Director of TWDC. This does not detract from the services that are contracted for under the City's authority and ultimately have to be met by TWDC. There is lots of information posted on this site regarding this issue and it is unfortunate that it has to permeate a posting of information about our broader efforts which I believe in large are proving to be very productive and beneficial.
Brian J. Cummins

Cleveland City Council, Ward 14



Brian Cummins

I appreciate your postings to realneo informing the community about your efforts, upcoming projects and events.

I also respect your decision to change your political status to Green.  My understanding of the Green Party is that the principals of Green Politics include social justice and nonviolence.

Sammy Catania's violent behavior towards Guy Black - a disabled senior citizen - should cause major concern to a councilman that is promoting social justice and nonviolence.  Having Sammy Catania work in your ward should be against your own principles.

There are FOUR known victims to Sammy Catania's explosive behavior.  I consider Sammy Catania's violent behavior a severe threat to the community- including YOUR CONSTITUENTS- Hispanic or otherwise.

Sammy Catania's violent behavior towards Guy Black and others is unexcusable and unacceptable.  Catania is unworthy of receiving a paycheck from taxpayers.

As far as this part of your comment, " The incident involving Sammy Catania that is in the courts is very unfortunate. I've expressed my concerns to the Director of TWDC. This does not detract from the services that are contracted for under the City's authority and ultimately have to be met by TWDC. There is lots of information posted on this site regarding this issue and it is unfortunate that it has to permeate a posting of information about our broader efforts which I believe in large are proving to be very productive and beneficial"

I personally believe that all potential victims of Sammy Catania must be warned, and I WILL continue to warn them.  When Sammy Catania goes off again this will create a huge liability for yourself and the City of Cleveland.

I suggest you spend 8 minutes and 41 seconds reviewing this video.

And take a good look at all of these photos, especially the second top photo:

As a member of the Green Party - which promotes social justice and nonviolence- this should OUTRAGE you like it does me.

Practice what you preach.

Exactly....well put

I second that.

Sammy Catania in Ward 14/Sammy Catania en el Distrito 14

 I have repeated this many times: council representatives need to legislate, and not be involved in the local/community development corporations. There must be a separation of "powers" of the elected  representative, and the board of trustees that the director of the CDC report to. This means that a councilman should not be able to dictate to a CDC who they hire or fire, or what activities the CDC staff carry out.

Too bad, Brian, that you and most Cleveland City Council representatives regards CDC's as an extension of your political offices. When you say about Sammy Catania "This does not detract from the services that are contracted for under the City's authority and ultimately have to be met by TWDC" you are failing to explain that you allotted $100,000 to TWDC and this is what was bought with that money. That you also set up a form of a new CDC located conveniently where your ward office is located furthers this perception of a CDC as an extension of your political office. It harkens back to the time when I first visited the Collinwood CDC to meet with their executive director. She is in the front, answering the phones and taking messages for none other than Councilman Polensek as he had the CDC and his ward office together. The staff of the CDC acted also as his ward office personnel, though the money came through the Cleveland Community Development office.
It is disheartening that in 2010, we have to listen to any council person hand our tax dollars over to a CDC and at the same time hear him disavow responsibility for both the quality of the character of that employee as well as the quality of the work, unless that employee annoys the councilperson and gets fired!
We all need to wake up here. Don't demand that a councilperson fire a staff person employed by a CDC, but do demand that the councilperson withdraw funds from the CDC. They pull it all the time, and can do it again.
Better yet, take the damn money away from the council representatives so that they can focus on their jobs at City Hall. Give the money to a general pot and let the residents decide if they want pot holes repaired or if they want to duplicate the services in a CDC that the City can and does provide: program outreach, code enforcement, safety issues, housing grants, historic preservation, and community planning. It is already available and we are already paying for this, and it is located at Cleveland City Hall.
En español:
He repetido muchas veces: los representantes del Consejo necesidad de legislar, y no estar involucrados en los ámbitos local y corporaciones de desarrollo comunitario. Debe haber una separación de "poderes" de los representantes elegidos, y el consejo de administración que el director del informe de los CDC para. Esto significa que un concejal no debe ser capaz de dictar a un CDC que contratan o fuego, o lo que las actividades del personal de los CDC llevan a cabo.
Lástima, Brian, que usted y la mayoría de Cleveland representantes del Ayuntamiento se refiere a los CDC como una extensión de sus cargos políticos. Al decir de Sammy Catania "Esto no va en detrimento de los servicios que son contratados con fines bajo la autoridad de la Ciudad y en última instancia, tienen que ser sufragados por TWDC" que no logran explicar que asigna $ 100,000 para TWDC y esto es lo que se compró con ese dinero. Que también creó un formulario de una nueva CDC ubicado convenientemente en la oficina de su barrio está localizado favorece esta percepción de los CDC como una extensión de su oficina política. Se remonta a la época en que visité por primera vez el CDC Collinwood para reunirse con su director ejecutivo. Ella está en el frente, respondiendo a los teléfonos y tomar mensajes para nada menos que el concejal Polensek como lo había hecho el CDC y la sala de juntas de su oficina. El personal de los CDC actuó también como su oficina de personal de sala, aunque el dinero llegó a través de la oficina de Desarrollo Comunitario de Cleveland.
Es desalentador que en el 2010, tenemos que escuchar a cualquier parte del consejo de más de nuestros dólares de impuestos a los CDC y al mismo tiempo oírle negar la responsabilidad tanto por la calidad del carácter de ese empleado, así como la calidad de la obra , a menos que el empleado molesta el concejal y es despedido!
Todos tenemos que despertar aquí. No exija que un incendio concejal un miembro del personal empleado por una CDC, pero la demanda de que el concejal retirar fondos de los CDC. Ellos lo tire todo el tiempo, y puede hacerlo de nuevo.
Mejor aún, tome el maldito dinero lejos de los representantes del Consejo para que puedan centrarse en sus puestos de trabajo en el Ayuntamiento. Dar el dinero a un fondo general y dejar que los habitantes decidan si quieren baches reparados o si desea duplicar los servicios en una CDC que la ciudad puede ofrecer y ofrece: difusión del programa, la aplicación del código, las cuestiones de seguridad, subsidios de vivienda, la histórica conservación y planificación de la comunidad. Ya está disponible y ya estamos pagando por esto, y se encuentra en Cleveland City Hall.