Spring TIme in Cleveland....Making "TIME" for "PRICELESS THINGS!"

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Sat, 04/30/2011 - 11:57.

Spring time...nice weather... Warm summer days ahead... Gardens being planted all over... Yards being rotatilled, seeds being planted, Spring Cleaning taking precedence over reading.... Fresh Air to lift up our wings of faith and inspire us with another year of possibilities...

Hundreds of events will fill our calendars. People will rush around enjoying the sweet pleasures of our city; at least those who can afford to venture out with escalating gas prices!

So, I call you to action... Think about and make time for the elders in your community who may need a five minute helping hand. Mow a lawn, invite them to a cookout, take them some of your recipes, and incorporate them into some summer events. Make time to take them to the grocery store or go for them. Dust off a shelf for them. Send over some homemade lemonade or flowers from your garden. Bring smiles to their faces and remember that they are still human beings in your community who deserve respect and consideration.

Just remember the blessings of your humanity and think about the many seniors who sit alone at home. Think about how your smiles and conversation could brighten up their monotonous days. Consider listening to a story of their worldly life. Consider blessing them with your most precious commodity; your time.

We live in a fast paced world and the simple things sometimes get overlooked. If you have the ability to mark your calendar with a visit to "Aunties" or "Uncles" or "Grandma's" or "Grandpa's" house...then do it! Don't forget the ladies next door or the veterans or the lonely souls who need a small gesture of kindness. "TIME" is the most precious gift you can give to a neighbor. Think twice before you shun them. Think twice before you overlook them.

God Blessed us all in invariable ways. Bless someone near you as often as you possibly can with the most priceless gifts in your existence and know in your heart the people you touch will truly appreciate you for making time...even when they cannot reciprocate.

Wishing everyone a happy Spring and countless timeless moments created from making time for the people in our community... Together we can unite to conquer many issues of life. Thanks for all you do for those around you! 

Always Appreciative,


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