Spectacular Header Norm - tell us about it...

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 12/22/2010 - 20:35.

Norm, where do you upload your header images on REalneo?  They aren't in the header gallery.  Why not?  Tonight's image is spectacular. Moving traffic or moving vehicle with your camera?   How was it that the exhaust stacks were uplit?   What is it, and how was it taken?   Best, jeffb

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All your headers all week were great!  Are you back from the White House? Will you be "HOME" in Cleveland for Christmas?  This is "Your Home-town" ...I always tried to "GET OUT" of here..."RUN AWAY" from here...BUT...????....It is "MYTOWN" whether, I hate it...love it...WHATEVER...for 55 years!...I was born here...   Norm,just accept it...nothing works...I tried it all...but, if, you do have any more ideas..Oh Please...do tell...I always said...There ain't nowhere in the U.S. like Cleveland...and there ain't people like CLEVELAND PEOPLE... and I believed I had met them all... but, Dianna, Lily, Guy...OMG...My mid-life crisis...has only begun. My New Years Resolution is to meet Laura and DW and you and your wife...What more could I ask for???  That, we all get together and HAVE A GOOD TIME SOON.  HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU AND YOURS...with your camera...of course.  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY...GOD BLESS US ALL!                                                                                                                                                               p.s. oh what a web-site!...wait till my big mouth gets started...I have the biggest mouth in Cleveland.

Billions Served series

These photos are from my Billions Served series on powerplants in America - part of building ArkEarth, to expose the harm caused by pollution here. These images were all taken along I-80 in Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado.

I always attach my photos to relevant articles I've posted to realNEO, and include the "Header" tag to those, putting the posting on the Header Images page - the header images are listed at the end of postings with the "Attached Files" - these headers are attached to http://realneo.us/backstage-white-house

I've also added some interesting new glass to my bag. These are all shot with a Nikon professional lens that has nano crystals on one of the elements, and is considered the sharpest mid-range zoom Nikon has ever produced. The quality shows.

I've been making a series of scouting trips to find locations I want to document further, so these are just sketches - handheld - the night shots are about 1/2 second exposure... the "Billions" shot was taken while driving at 60+ MPH... sharp lens.

Beautiful work,NORM!

I agree...sometimes folks may overlook that photo at the top...but it's interesting to see what will pop up next! Keep up the great work! 

norm or jeff. urgent request

 please research which of my blogs have been removed without my permissio.  i know that black friday, victims of of plymouth park ready to be cashed in and basis of my complaint to naacp were removed   please do not respond here but calll or email me   the contact info is on my account info    thank you

Will do Lilly

I am curious to hear...best, jeffb

Posts removed-cached


Submitted by Lily Miller on December 14, 2010 - 6:48am.
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BLACK FRIDAY ,,,,,,,,,, Plymouth Park Tax Services aka Xspand

Submitted by Lily Miller on December 12, 2010 - 10:00pm.


While many folks were enjoying their long Thanksgiving weekend, a homeowner whose family owned their home for 47 years was victimized by Plymouth Park Tax Services, aka Xspand.  The homeowner was evicted from his home on Black Friday.

The victim has requested privacy and his request will be honored.  The victim will be referred to as FREDDIE DOE.

Who is removing posts?

I just posted cached parts of three Lily Miller posts deleted by one of the administrators--I have saved all three of those posts in their entirety, but I don't have time to do this with my body of work or others contributions here at REALNEO.

Norm and Jeff--I assume that neither one of you have  deleted the posts.  Please determine who did and please disable this person's administrator privilege.  I am extremely concerned that this censorship will undermine the hard work and dedication put into the site for years.

Thank you Norm for REALNEO--I met a fascinating person last night and you should meet up with him while he is in town Jason Pearson jason [at] truthstudio [dot] com.

Laura, is that John and Audra's son?

Laura, is that John and Audra's son?

Disrupt IT


Yes--amazing talent.

norm or jeff

 i know who removed the blogs, ijust need to know what was removed so can repost  do not respond on realneo.  

looking forward

to the reposting

blogs were not removed by an administrator.

 i know who removed the blogsa  i only need to know what was removed   spent h hundreds of hours on my research and do not appreciate my work being deleted without my permissipon by any one.    sorry for the spelling errors   hard top see on a lackbwrry

IP addresses will show

Lily, since it was not an admin who removed your posts without your authorization, it would have had to be someone who logged in with your user name and password.  

I will check and see what IP addresses have logged in to your user account.   

Since this type of un-authorized deletion rocks the confidence of the site, and calls into question the bonafides of the admins, and takes the time of many of us to resolve, there should be repercusions.

best, jeffb


 Jeff B--can you restore the posts somehow?

When you finish investigating that...

When you finish investigating that, I have some issues with postings from the Blackheart Cleveland & Oengus days that have never been resolved - some postings appeared to be edited - some were posted and hidden with links to porn - some were posted to cause trouble for other members - I believe I have kept evidence - Rokakis was in the middle of some of this... "Where's Roldo", as well... (you were out of town at the time) and Rokakis promised to have it investigated... when I tried to follow-up with Rokakis he played dumb.

What else would you expect...

Disrupt IT


you guys are in for the long haul then....



my husband just went to buy me a bottle of wine.

rocking the confidence

I was rocked when I saw the call for help about the removed postings but then Lily realized that someone else did have her password. Talk about aha moments!

I agree that there should be reprecusions. It is up to Lily, though.

can we check all blogs to see if any posts were illegaly removed

can we check all blogs to see if any posts were illegaly removed deleted - probaly a lot of work - matching the ip 's

yogi and guy

http://www.disclosureproject.com TRUTH - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org

posts are ok

Lily received copies of her posts this AM. admin did not remove these posts.