Song of the Day: "Take Me I'm Ready To Go" by Fantastic Violinaires

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 09/16/2009 - 16:32.

I was sitting with my friend Kieth at his place in Collinwood, the other day, and he played a cassette of The Fantastic Violinaires - one of the most important musical groups in history... innovators in gospel since the 1950s... which Kieth has performed with for many years. The tape he played was Talk to Jesus... a recording he sang on, and fantastic. One song in particular knocked me out - breaks my heart - makes me cry.

Take me, I'm Ready to go... Listen here - my song of the day for real Clevelanders.

Lyrics are not on-line.. here is an excerpt

Gone are the day, lord

when mother preached for me, now

Gone gone are the time

when I sit on my mothers knee - oh

they are gone gone forever

to a better land, I know, lord

But listen to this

I can hear mother talking to Jesus

oh yes I could

I heard her say take me  - take me - I'm ready to go - to go

take me - I'm ready - to go

This is something else she'd said

I made up in my mind a long long time ago

lord take me, take me and use me

I'll go any place you will have me to go

but take me take me I'm ready to go...

take me I'm ready to go...