Murray Hill Market

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Here are some images taken today at the Murray Hill Market in Little Italy.  Open for less than 7 weeks, it has already developed a following. 

Support this family with deep NEO roots, and enjoy sightseeing with your family on a sunny day.  Freshwater Cleveland provided a great promotion last week.

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Parli Italiano?

  Dropping into the Murray Hill Market was a time travel experience for me--I spoke with the owner by phone and his wife's Italian family ran a small grocery in Collinwood and his family ran a Jewish deli--the combination of cultures and love for food is evident here.

The soups at Murray Hill Market are made first thing in the morning by Joanna--we talked about how the old-timers in the neighborhood have welcomed the grocery, but that it would help to hear the music of Italian conversation. 

Down the street, at Algebra Tea House, it is fun to drop in and listen to spirited Arabic conversation as the artist/owner and many of the folks who drop in speak many languages.

Now that the sun has returned to NEO we need ambassadors--who speak Italian, Spanish, German, Swahili, Mandarin, Farsi, Arabic, Hebrew et al.--at key locations throughout the region.  To welcome back the past and to welcome immigrants to our shore. 



Beauty of Murray Hill Market

The beautiful thing about the Murray Hill Market is NO Parking. 

This is a WALK-UP store in a walk-up neighborhood. 

Kudos to the Buckholtz family for recreating the past that will be our future.

Hindi, Urdu, Cantonese, Mandarin? Entries due March 31

2011 Cleveland Asian Festival

featuring authentic Asian foods and merchandise, local and national performing artists, a children’s activities area, games, competitions, and a health pavilion that focuses on free screenings and health education. May 21-22, 2011. Asia Plaza and E 30th, 2999 Payne Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44114

The deadline for the program guide and vendor booths is March 31.