Shaming the crooks

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 From Eric J Brewer - candidate for Mayor of Cleveland: 

Live and in technicolor, I've included the pictures, names and served wards of Cleveland's 17 city council members. Keep in mind that two unlawfully hold forfeited offices, Terrell Pruitt and Jeff Johnson. Pruitt forfeited after missing 10 regular meetings. Jeff is a Summit County resident living in Twinsburg with his wife and her two daughters. They have no legal right to vote or receive public funds in pay as council members.

I've identified in the pictures the councilors who voted "NO." All others voted "YES." So for Cleveland voters seeking to know who should be held accountable for the theft of $80 million in public funds it's the YES vote people.

Here's what else should bother you. Just last year Mayor Frank Jackson and Council Prez Kevin Kelley joined with other council members to support an $83 million income tax increase. Doesn't it seem rather odd that after crying broke and begging the voters for $83 million, Jackson and Kelley are rigging the government to steal $80 million from the taxpayers and give it to multi-billionaire and Detroit resident Dan Gilbert?

Those who voted "yes" for this shit have proved they can't be trusted. If you're running against them don't hold back. Don't worry about Councilwoman Mamie Mitchell. Word has it she's leaving and Blaine Griffin will be replacing her.

Run hard, opponents. This is a good issue.

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Don't worry - if you're Ofir Mandula in NEO you don't pay taxes

You stockpile real estate and conveniently appeal your assessment w/the Board of Revision until you have driven down the surrounding value of property in a particular area eyeballed by the "right" developers.


 The honorable Mr. Mandula owes close to 7K in back taxes on 3041 Walton.

December, 2016, to:

Ofir Mandula

616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-6342

Valley Cottage, NY 10989

Unknown spouse of Ofir Mandula

616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-6342

Valley Cottage, NY 10989

Fodor Realty Co., C/O

Louis Fodor, Statutory Agent

3308 Lorain Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44113



From Eric J Brewer - "you have been played"

Mayor Frank Jackson's $83 million .5 percent city income tax levy last year was a scam to raise the city's portion of $80 million to renovate The Q. Many of you have already suspected it. You were deceived. This shit is racketeering and there will be a request for a federal investigation.

Jackson assigned Ken Silliman to negotiate the deal in private with no authorization from council. Silliman's private meetings with Cuyahoga County, Gateway and Cavaliers officials began before the Issue 32 vote in November 2016. it's been shared with me that Jackson is pretending he had no idea what Silliman was up to before Cleveland voters supported his income tax increase to raise money for The Q.

All the details were worked out in private. The money has already been split up even though there's been no public bidding on any contract. Jackson, Silliman and Council President Kevin Kelley appear to have rigged the processes of government to manipulate council and deceive Cleveland voters into supporting the $83 million levy.

I'll have more details later. Watch for these faces in an upcoming post. The income tax levy was a scam. The U.S. Department of Justice has been "noticed." Jackson, Kelley and Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish are fully under corporate mob control.

I strongly encourage the members of Cleveland city council who do not want to end up as co-conspirators in a possible federal investigation to rescind Ord. No. 305-17, replace Kelley as council president, order an investigation and issue subpoenas to Jackson, Silliman, Valarie McCall and others with knowledge of the meetings and conversations that transpired prior to the Issue 32 vote.

Blaine Griffin on Israel Junket w/Cimperman, Ronayne and others


Eric Jonathan Brewer Blaine isn't in the picture with Frank and the other councilmembers because he's in Israel. That's him in the picture wearing a "yarmulke" on his head. He seemed to have a hard time keeping it on without any hair. LOL. If you visit his FB page you'll see pictures and live threads of him at various locations with others. I'm curious what benefit Ward 6 gets out of their councilman traveling to Israel?

I know a lot of big city politicians get invited to Israel by its supporters in a town. I'll probably decline for a few reasons. 

I have zero interest in visiting that part of the world on either side because I think it's dangerous. The last time I flew on a long international flight one of the engines failed over the Indian Ocean and we had to turn around. I didn't fly for 10 years afterwards. I like traveling where I can drive because I don't like to fly. I'm not afraid to fly, I just don't like being out of control. My Dad once had a pilot's license. The first time I flew he was the co-pilot. I don't like Greyhound, either. I will fly, however, if it's absolutely necessary and only domestically. I like the comfort of being "inside" America.

Unless the trip deals with official mayor business the only reason I'd be going would be personal, and it's not a place I personally want to visit. Neither is Nigeria or China for that matter, so don't think it goes beyond anything other than my preferences. More to the point, the only reason I'd be asked is because of the elected office I hold. Whoever invited me on the trip has "use" of the office of mayor or else they'd have invited Eric Jonathan Brewer to go awhile back. When you hold elected office no one does anything for you without expecting something in return. Believe it.

Blaine will have to disclose the source of the gift he received in the form of travel from whoever paid for his trip; unless he came out of his own pocket. It will be on this form filed with the Ohio Ethics Commission.

He seems excited. Hope he returns safely. I'm sure you Ward 6 residents will have questions. Did y'all know prostitution is legal in Israel? Wonder if he has plans to rebuild Prospect Avenue into Cleveland's red light district again?


There's a member of Cleveland city council who's conspicuously absent from this endorsement picture of Mayor Frank Jackson. Where is newly-appointed Councilman Blaine Griffin among the 13 councilmembers who extremely pissed off voters now see as targets for defeat? Staying the fuck out of the way?

Maybe Blaine sees the writing on the wall. He knows Frank's not popular all over the city and expects to be greeted by boo's and stiff faces during the mayoral debates. It's his "Jane Campbell" moment. Rather than get dragged down with Frank's negative image, is Blaine going it alone like Councilman Tj Dow? It's important to note, too, that this is the first time Blaine isn't running Frank's re-election campaign.

The picture tells all about why Cleveland city hall needs to be cleaned out. Frank's being endorsed by Kevin Kelley who he should have been filing criminal charges against for dereliction of duty when he suppressed the voices of 22,000 registered Cleveland voters by refusing to accept their petitions to vote on his scheme to give $88 million to Dan Gilbert to renovate The Q.

He should have filed charges against Terrell Pruitt instead of paying him for missing 10 regular meetings of council while on active military duty in Afghanistan. He should have asked Kelley how an absent councilman the U.S. Department of Defense prevented from holding office while on active duty was sponsoring legislation.

I could go on. All on this group either serve on council's safety committee, health & human services and workforce and community benefits committees. They've never scheduled a single hearing to investigate constitutionally non-compliant policing or why more than 35 percent of homicides are unsolved. Kevin Conwell didn't know the health and human services committee he serves on oversees the city's division of air and water pollution control; and that the city's had a contract with the state to enforce air and water pollution control laws in the county. He and Jeff Johnson both serve on the committee and didn't know the toxic dump on Noble Road in East Cleveland was their responsibility to prevent from opening.

All I see in the picture are targets voters are already pissed off with holding onto Frank because he's promised them some campaign money. They're also probably glad because Frank doesn't use the mayor's office to hold them accountable.