To Serve and Protect or Punish for Profit? Police "Public Safety" hypocrisy

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 03/23/2012 - 21:13.
Police and Public Safety Hypocrisy
Awhile back when I was in Toronto. Ontario Canada I was ticketed in a traffic sting. 
In the heart of downtown Toronto during evening rush hour, right turns are prohibited at certain intersections because there are so many pedestrians that right turners waiting for the pedestrians to clear, effectively block forward motion in the right hand lane. 
Here is where public safety hypocrisy and profit enter into the equation. 
Instead of posting one police person or adequate signage at the intersection to protect pedestrians as well as keep traffic moving, there were six policepersons and at least two patrol cars waiting out of sight just around the corner to pull unwitting right turners over and give them all 110 dollar tickets. 
Pedestrian safety was  willingly and intentionally violated in order to collect the maximum number of ticket fees. 
Just one police person could have managed to protect the walkers , flag cars along, as well as point to signage for present and future education. 
Instead six police were busy making money for the municipality and themselves.
This is a typical scenario not just in Toronto. 
If police are already waiting, out of their cars, it is an acknowledgement of their hypocrisy – instead of preventing a public risk, they intentionally put the public at risk in order to maximize monetary fines.
So much for SERVING  and PROTECTING the public.


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