RTA facing catastrophic loss of revenue - but we have a PRETTY Public Square - carry on

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 RTA is facing  a massive loss of revenue - but, who cares, right?!  We have our priorities straight - fixing up Public Square - to impress some republicans... and leaving taxpayers with the costs. 




The 20-block area surrounding the Downtown Cleveland Hilton should be called the “Government Subsidy District.” The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has received more than $125 million in support from state and local government since it opened in 1995,according to the free-market Buckeye Institute (where I once worked). The three professional sports stadiums—where the Cavs, Browns and Indians play—all were (and are) government projects. Next to the convention hall, the grandly named Global Center for Health Innovation—225,000 square feet of county-owned office space constructed with the same tax hike that built the Hilton—has failed to meet leasing or revenue projections since its 2013 opening. - Dennis Cauchon


Feelin' good!!

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