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junk cars

Today the Detroit BIG 3 claim that it is the credit markets which have caused their near bankruptcy.

That is a lie. A Big Lie.

Between the 4 dollar gas over the last few quarters, and the crap vehicles that Ford, BM and Hedge Fund Snow make- none of the THREE were selling any of their dogs - including Cerberus. And that was before October credit issues.

The BIG 3 all have terrible Karma.

Besides their exploitation of Rhodesian chrome in Africa (plastic trim on cars has helped recently), Detroit is also guilty of purchasing urban rail mass transit systems and then dismantling those operations in order to sell cars.

I remember hearing that in Southern California, GM sunk the Red Cars in Long Beach harbor for "fish habitat".

That’s really sick behavior.

You can read about it here on Wikipedia and you can see a photo of the street cars going to the fish here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Junked_streetcars.jpg

Neither the Republicans (who have foreign auto manufactures in their southern states now), nor the democrats (who are supposedly the UAW supporters) wanted to be associated with financial help for the 3 Dopes.

So LAME FOWL BUSH accommodated… (each polital party) and prolonged Detroit’s eventual turn a round by providing what no commercial bank would provide – which is a bit of credit for the ignorant auto manufactures.

It is another sad hypocritical day in America!

The Big 3 are the Big Lie!

(exclaimer: I own one or two of their 20 year old products)

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