Police are human - Heartless Felons are not

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For some bizarre reason - the unraveling and brilliant detective work that solved the cold-blooded murder of 5 people on Cleveland's east side - gets very little media attention:


I, for one, commend the police on the on-going investigation of a crime ring that has destroyed the life of so many young people in Northeast Ohio - turning children into zombie gang members with no conscience whatsoever.  

While I am sad that a 12 year old was shot by police - realize for a minute - the magnitude of the network operating in Northeast Ohio today.   These felons recruit youth at our recreation centers - they are looking for young men and woman - eager for the money and a chance to be "tough." Women are part of the ring as they shelter these criminals- who are constantly rotated from one neighborhood to another - and the suburbs, too.  I, unfortunately, know some of these non-humans.


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Solutions to Heartless Felons

There are people who every day are working to overcome the lure of the underworld - I know one man and his wife who are providing mentorship - and the Distinguished Gentlemen effort as well.  But, where are our so-called leaders? - like Frank Jackson and our council reps - we are going into a hot summer.  We need to save these kids.

Lowlife in CLE - Thank you CPD for Colgate arrest

Thank you for solving this case quickly - it should be obvious that these folks were bad news - but, hey - don't judge a book by the cover, right?



BTW- slumlord on Colgate - Neil Clough is brother of Westlake Mayor Dennis Clough - amazing how the apple falls.

Old Brooklyn-Slavic Village terrorized by this homegrown monster

Glen Adkins - the name seemed familiar to me (see above) - and the media is using a mug shot that makes him look all cherubic, when in reality he is a gangster.


Unbelievable, that he is still at large. Police had him yesterday near Warren Rd in Lakewood, but had to stop pursuit as he was endangering lives on the highway at speeds over 110 mph. 

Comment from Nextdoor " ... the mayor and all his puppets took away policing. My husband, Brian and the rest of the men and women in blue cannot do their jobs anymore. Half the shit that goes on on this city (i.e. Dirt bikes taking over the streets) is due to our current administration. They are just the babysitters making sure the thug kids like Adkins get to do what they please. And these thugs know it. Guaranteed Adkins mom is waiting for her kid to get shot by the police so she can collect her millions. It's not easy to be a police officer when you can't enforce the rules. They are damned if they do and damned if they don't. This administration has to go!"


Update: Adkins captured - continued west side terrorism

Glen Adkins was apprehended w/o incident by US Marshalls



Continued Heartless Felon activity on west side - Second District heroes apprehend these non-humans: