Police are human - Heartless Felons are not

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For some bizarre reason - the unraveling and brilliant detective work that solved the cold-blooded murder of 5 people on Cleveland's east side - gets very little media attention:


I, for one, commend the police on the on-going investigation of a crime ring that has destroyed the life of so many young people in Northeast Ohio - turning children into zombie gang members with no conscience whatsoever.  

While I am sad that a 12 year old was shot by police - realize for a minute - the magnitude of the network operating in Northeast Ohio today.   These felons recruit youth at our recreation centers - they are looking for young men and woman - eager for the money and a chance to be "tough." Women are part of the ring as they shelter these criminals- who are constantly rotated from one neighborhood to another - and the suburbs, too.  I, unfortunately, know some of these non-humans.


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Solutions to Heartless Felons

There are people who every day are working to overcome the lure of the underworld - I know one man and his wife who are providing mentorship - and the Distinguished Gentlemen effort as well.  But, where are our so-called leaders? - like Frank Jackson and our council reps - we are going into a hot summer.  We need to save these kids.

Lowlife in CLE - Thank you CPD for Colgate arrest

Thank you for solving this case quickly - it should be obvious that these folks were bad news - but, hey - don't judge a book by the cover, right?



BTW- slumlord on Colgate - Neil Clough is brother of Westlake Mayor Dennis Clough - amazing how the apple falls.