plea for help for daniel for funeral expenses - 19-year-old Clay County inmate dies (tortured) & news storys - UPDATE

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(Father worried son's mental health was overlooked before he died in Clay jail - daniel was in a restrictive suit and a restraint chair - news story -)

hi daniel family - "theres no death - only a change of worlds" - chief seattle -

your son is with you in spirit and also will incarnate in you and his mother and others - do not be afraid to speak to your son - he will contact you in certain ways - to reassure you - you may wish to join  others in a group that have their loved ones passed over - rejoice that your son isn't suffering in this world -

as angel said i am contacting the catholic diocease here that pays for folks funerals hopefully they can contact someone in the catholic system in your area - also i will post a story on our  blog -

do not have your son cremated as that will destroy evidence for  a civil and or criminal suit - make sure you contact a few attorneys and get few opinion of suing the county and others - for wrongfull death -

the only way mostly for the status qua system to pay for their murder mistakes is by money and public opinion and your son would enjoy you and family to live in comfort the rest of your life - they will have to pay you what your son would have earned average to about 75 - do not settle for less - request copies of records video tapes etc. - until you have an attorney - and even then get copies of everything - trust but verify -

cheers for you and your families courage - sophia and guy

1701 Beach Blvd  Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
(904) 249-2374 contact person working with the dad is Marie the DAD'S name is Daniel Linsinbigler Sr his number is 1-772-985-1537  his email is daniellinsinbigler [at] yahoo [dot] com">daniellinsinbigler [at] yahoo [dot] com


19-year-old Clay County inmate dies

Teen was in jail on indecent exposure charges

Published On: Mar 12 2013 04:51:54 PM EDT

A 19-year-old inmate in the Clay County jail died Tuesday morning.

According to the Clay County Sheriff's Office, Daniel Linsinbigler, of Orange Park, experienced some type of medical emergency while in custody and was found unresponsive when checked on by a detention deputy making his normal morning rounds at 9 a.m.

Multiple detention personnel responded and performed CPR on Linsinbigler in an attempt to revive him, but they, along with efforts by Clay County fire and rescue personnel were unsuccessful.

Linsinbigler died at Orange Park Medical Center at about 10 a.m.

Linsinbigler doesn't have any immediate family members in the area, but the attempt to locate any next of kin for notification purposes is ongoing, deputies said.

Linsinbigler was in jail awaiting arraignment scheduled for Thursday on charges of indecent exposure by unlawfully exposing his sexual organs. Deputies said that on March 2, he was seen running naked on public grounds, entered a woman's hotel room at the Stay Suites Hotel and began yelling Bible scripture at the woman.

Another woman told deputies she saw Linsinbigler running naked and saying "he could save everybody, and he was God," according to a police report.

The Sheriff's Office said it requested the assistance of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in investigating the death, which is standard procedure when an in-custody death of an inmate occurs.

Father worried son's mental health was overlooked before he died in Clay jail

Posted: March 15, 2013 - 6:50pm
Linsinbigler Jr.
Linsinbigler Jr.

The father of a 19-year-old inmate who died Tuesday in the Clay County jail said he was told his son was in a restrictive suit and a restraint chair when a deputy noticed something wrong.

Considering bizarre behavior that led to Daniel Linsinbigler Jr.’s arrest, he should have been treated for mental instability in a medical setting and not as an unruly prisoner, his father said Thursday.

The 46-year-old Linsinbigler, who lives in Fort Pierce, said he has been told by two law enforcement officers that his son was in a restraint chair when he was discovered. One of the officers said the teenager was also wearing a suit designed to restrict movement.

Apart from saying the 19-year-old was found unconscious by a guard making his normal rounds about 9 a.m. and that attempts were made to revive him, authorities said they are not releasing additional information until an investigation is complete.

Linsinbigler was on medication for hallucinations and other mental health issues during a 15-month jail stint in Jacksonville that ended in November, Daniel Linsinbigler Sr. said. Those charges included stolen property, car burglary and minor marijuana possession.

He couldn’t afford the medication after his release leading up to his March 2 arrest in Clay County,10 days before he died.

Linsinbigler Sr. said he was told his son had been smoking synthetic marijuana but not in the week before being taken into custody in Clay after running naked around a Wells Road hotel claiming to be God.

“Nobody in their right mind calls themselves God and runs down the road naked in 30-degree weather,” his father said.

His son was keeping a notebook “saying God is right,” he said. “He told me, ‘Dad, dad, I got a spiritual awakening.’’

On March 3, the day after the arrest, Linsinbigler called the Clay jail to ask that his son get a mental health evaluation.

Coincidentally he called the jail again on March 12. He was told by a supervisor that the younger Linsinbigler had died that morning.

He had been combative and refused to come out of his cell, his father was told, so was placed in a restraint chair and watched.

“I was told they were checking every 15 minutes,” he said.

When paramedics couldn’t resuscitate him, Linsinbigler was taken to Orange Park Medical Center where he died, the Sheriff’s Office initial report said. It did not say if he was restrained in any way.

Linsinbigler’s father said an investigator with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement assigned to the case also told him his son was in the chair and also in a suit that hampers movement.

“I’m aware that there are questions about that,” Clay sheriff’s spokeswoman Mary Justino said. “His detention treatment is obviously part of our investigation into his detention death.”

She said the agency cannot comment further and that the FDLE was called to conduct an investigation.

That agency also will not comment, said spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger.

“It’s our job to determine the facts and until the investigative process is complete, the facts have not been established,” she said.

The results of an autopsy have not been released. It is not unusual for certain tests, such as toxicology screenings, to delay a report.

Linsinbigler Sr. said part of his concern stems from what he learned during his own jail time in Duval County and in South Florida.

He said he had mental health evaluations and suffers from some of the same issues as his son.

“I just want to find out why Daniel died,” he said.


Dana Treen: (904) 359-4091


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dafni_do_good 03/16/13 - 12:32 am

Considering his past history


Considering his past history and circumstance leading to his arrest; he bsolutely should have been taken for MH treatment. Running around naked, proclaiming to be God is in no way normal.

Davethecaveman 03/16/13 - 08:01 am
Premium Member

"I just want to find out why


"I just want to find out why Daniel died?" the father asked.
Living his irresponsible lifestyle in the first place should be your first clue. In no way should anyone else be held accountable .


dafni_do_good 03/16/13 - 02:55 pm

Dave, have some compassion,


Dave, have some compassion, and read the facts.

I don't think it's a life style choice when a person is sick because he cannot afford to buy medicine needed to keep well. I've known many people who have lapsed back into the abyssy of psychosis and other mental health issues due to an inability to afford the medicine needed to be productive citizens.

If a diabetic, didn't get his insulin in jail, there would be wailing and moaning about abuse. This young man suffered from an illness, which could be controlled by medication. He deserved help.

ThomasFL 03/16/13 - 11:13 pm

Let's hope that there is an


Let's hope that there is an independent investigation carried out. It sounds like the boy was subjected to cruel punishment. It is amazing the rampant ignorance that we have among those responsible for detention centers. Either train these people better to understand that they are dealing with human beings and that these people have rights or fire them all and get someone that can do the job without torturing or killing the people under their oversight. For the millions of dollars of tax payer funds spent on detention centers the return on investment measured in quality of service is really low.




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