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The loud music blasting from the illegal permitted patio of the Flying Monkey have a number of residents in Thurman Alley wishing that the Monkey would fly already.  Residents who live in close proximity of the establishment say that the noise goes way into the night - keeping them awake and on edge.  Some even told me today that they're having some of the same problems as everybody else with the lack of consideration these nightclubs have in not realizing that people work, children go to school and the lack of sleep keeps everybody on edge. 

One working wife and mother told me today that she does not understand how these business owners can live with themselves.  She told me that her entire family's lives were disrupted, edgy, cranky and at the end of their rope.   She said she wondered how Tom Bell would feel if somebody dropped a patio and all night music (noise) in his front yard in Bay Village.  How would he feel if he had crying kids up all night or if he woke up too tired to get out of bed because he hadn't had a good night's sleep for two or three days and he had to call off from work because of exhaustion - and now they want to open up another late night joint on the other side of us. 

She said she wanted somebody to ask the question, "why are these businesses  allowed to open up so close to where people, especially families live and why do they not hear when we say we can't take the loud noise any more?   She said, "I wish we had fallout shelters, we'd go in to get some peace and quiet."

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  forgot to mention, this


forgot to mention, this lady was really ticked at the drunks that who travel Thurman Alley and damage their automobils by kicking them as they go by.

Bay Village

  Jerleen--when I lived in Tremont*, the house next to mine was rented out to suburban spawn from Bay Village** , twenty-something kids in arrested development mode--finally away from the folks and ready to P-A-R-T-Y! Drugs and drum circles went on until two or three in the morning.  And, meanwhile, I had to be at work at 8:00 a.m. So, I feel your pain.  And, one thing, I am curious to know. Why has Bay Village suddenly become the vogue outpost for suburban investors in the "urban" market?

*seven years **Confession:I am suburban spawn from West Park/Rocky River

It is not just my pain - the

It is not just my pain - the wrath is just finally coming out.  Since people have started talking, everywhere I go somebody comes up and wants to know if I can help get something done about their situation.  It's the fact that once somebody speaks up - others find the courage and confidence to look for relief.  In this area with TWDC supporting all these noise making bars, and if you say anything, the first thing they hit you with is, "you people should appreciate these "award winning" establishments wanting to do business in our community." 

It's not like they have to tolerate the misery for one or two nights, these places are open mostly 6 days a week and it never stops.  There's no break - and over the year people are going nuts.  They've invested in their homes and family and can't just up and run - even though a lot of folks would love to.


a committed and qualified leader

 Jerleen - i just want to say, its been a pleasure working with you. I think you are one of the most committed and qualified community leaders around. I have loved watching you pull together the residents in Tremont who have long gone neglected and ignored. 

I spend my time and efforts trudging through a numbing master's program in "community development". Your innate wisdom in this area surpasses what I see around me. Here's an example - I was in a group project where we were to develop a neighborhood plan to accomodate decrease in population and increase in empty homes. We were discussing how we were going to get resident input. The two young men who aggressively appointed themselves group "leaders" argued for no inclusion what so ever. They argued it would slow the process down. In their opinion, listening to what the residents felt they needed and wanted was irrelevant because they didn't know what was best for them.

These two were on the the "fast track" to career success, favored by professors and mixing with politicians. 

Thanks Debra, but for me,

Thanks Debra, but for me, it's a matter of common sense.  You might say one hand washes the other.  If you keep me up all night with loud music/noise thumping, kids crying, etc.,  and I have to be at work at 6:00am, soon, very very soon I'm going to be a very irate individual and if I can't get enough rest/sleep to get through a day's work not to mention, the laundry, cooking, cleaning, and throwing two or three kids in the mix, honey, one of us had better be ready to move. 

Well, in Tremont all these "award winning" prima dona business owners think that we operate on a switch system.  They think that it is our responsibility to switch it off when we can't stand to hear it anymore or wake up bright and bushy tailed after a night of listening to the fussing  fighting drunks.

I wonder what MOthers Against Drunk Drivers would think about so many kids living so close to the streets in this community and the streets lined bumper to bumper with vehicles driven by those swaggering out into the streets with open containers and so much liquor they puke.


record it on video equipment

and call anyone who local media that's interested. Usually on a slow news week, they'll eat it up.

I'm sure you could also give it to Cimperman first.


Video was key is showing the problems outside Moda. I think someone even used their cell phone to capture some video.