One of the best experiences in NEO - WEST SIDE MARKET

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 11/23/2009 - 23:23.

Peel back the corruption and downer psych of Cleveland Plus+ (joe roman) - Go with a friend to the West Side Market on West 25 and Lorain in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Market is part museum, part culinary madness, and a big part of being human.

I am convinced that many of the vendors do what they do because they thrive on the interaction, not just the cash.

The West Side Market is a way of knowing if you are alive.  Check it out.

Candy apples imaged above and candy pop corn (free samples) at Michellle's Bakery stall at the back Lorain Street corner of the market.

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Cleveland has...

What Pittsburgh wants...according to this article.

Does Positively Cleveland write these up??  I agree with attractions cited in the article, but find the whole POPcity site suspect in their coverage of all things Pittsburgh. 

I think Pittsburgh needs REALNEO :)

Jeff, I consider this art as

Jeff, I consider this art as much as anything else.  You don't just go to work - there must also be love and pride in what you do.  A beautiful picture. 

Thanks Jerleen - building's architecture is the reason

Hubbell and Benes are the architects of the West Side Market.   Built almost a century ago, in 1912, the thriving market is one of the best examples of successful architecture anyone can point out in America.  

I believe that the continued vigorous use of the building (it survived the advent of the folk lift and the pallet which are what created Costco, Walmart, and Home Depot) means that the architects designed a space to which its human users have an animal connection.   
What is it about the tiled and bricked space and the scale of the building that is so appealing?   The cognoscenti enjoy casual seating on the balcony - while they eat, drink, and converse and watch the throngs below.
What other buildings in Cleveland have this attractive durability – still drawing today the crowds they drew when they were new?
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It strange, I was out this

It strange, I was out this morning with a friend for coffee and we were discussing the Westside Market and the year it was built.  I think he referred to it as one of the original institutions still being supported by the residential population. 

That is one place I love to go.  The old churches are other beautiful place of art that just amaze me.