NYPD to test bulletproof patrol cars (cleveland police cars & others should be also - save heroes lives now

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The New York City Police Department will begin testing bulletproof patrol cars this year.

The move is a response to recent sneak attack shootings of officers while they were sitting in their cars.

Commissioner William Bratton said an initial fleet of 50 cars will be evaluated, Newsday reports. The cars will be fitted with external armor panels and bulletproof glass covering part of the door windows that can withstand small arms fire.

The equipment will be supplied by Hardwire Armor Systems, which currently markets panels that magnetically attach to doors and can also be removed and used as a shield. The list price per panel is $2,499-$4,999, depending on the level of ballistic protection, while each window insert cost $1,335.

Bratton, who has also served as the top cop in Los Angeles where bulletproof squad cars are already deployed, said that he expects the department will likely adopt the door panels, but that the glass will require additional study.

The NYPD has not yet revealed how much it will pay for the equipment, or the types of vehicles it will be fitted to. Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge sell police versions of several models with doors engineered to handle the added weight of armoring.



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