Nike does not want to be a witness to Tomatoes on James and the Swoosh

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 07/11/2010 - 18:11.

Labron James Nike sign removed Cleveland Ohio image jeff buster 7.11.10

The eradication of LaBron this week end  constitutes an interesting spin on corporate product promotion (advertizing). 
Nike had their subliminal swoosh logo on the sign and were the owners of the sign.  Nike - when it hit the fan here in Cleveland and North East Ohio  that Mr. James was headed south - began to realize that tomatoes (and eventually paint gun balloons) were being thrown at their corporate propaganda.  
A religious tinged sign endorsing shoes with tomatoes dripping down a black guys face…kind of a messy public relations dialogue…No?
So Nike called the sign company from Akron which had originally installed the sign, and said get it down ASAP - or our Nike corporate image will take a turn for the worst if we don't. 
While on the street taking the above image this afternoon, lots of cars pulled by and the passengers jumped out to photograph the sign, many with their friends in front of the sign. 
 The workers rappelled down from the top of the Forest City building and kept ripping away the sign. 
People yelled support for Mr. James, and more people used the F word and other negatives. 
Then a car came by and the driver began singing:  Nah Na Nah Na, Nah Na Nah Na, Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodby.....
Sports Corporate monopolies feigning regional loyalty supported by multi national corporations - attacked by tomatoes ( I saw them on the ground down in the pit by the RTA tracks).
Sheppard Fairey would have been amused.


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False Messiahs

  Great job Buster.  I won't comment on the obvious Christ-like corporate symbolism etc.  It always astounds me--that we continue to worship false messiahs.

Great Photo!

Great Photo!

I always hated that billboard - glad to see it gone!

Disrupt IT

thanks for the pic Jeff

thought about going down to see it in half existence.   one of the best views was at night when there were office lights on that glowed through his throat.

worshipping false messiahs, seems everyone is looking for a god, goddess or some version of the silver bullet that will make everything perfect - in their opinion of what perfect is.

still gonna tend to the garden here.  be the change you want to see.  can't change anyone but oneself anyway.