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This summer's Cleveland Public Theatre troupe has a production with all the right elements--a sword fight, mermaids, pirates and, of course, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell.

If you missed the magical performance in the beautiful Brooklyn Centre neighborhood--there are more performances scheduled.  Pack a picnic and bring the kids.

Storm Clouds to Wedding Bells

What looked like an ominous day for the play turned out gorgeous for everyone, including this wedding, which took place at the beautiful chapel next to Kotecki Monuments in Brooklyn Centre--available to rent:

WC Reed Field now Denison Park


Click on the image above to enlarge the aerial.  The photo circa 1949 shows how the creek ravine
behind East Denison School (now Horizon Denison Science Academy) was filled in with debris and is now a park.

W.C. Reed was a Cleveland Councilman.  It is interesting to see how the effects of one elected councilperson can affect a neighborhood for generations for good and bad.

You can also see where I-176 cuts through the old Barbarowa, Polish section, of the neighborhood, formerly known as Crossroads and Archwood Denison and now mostly known as Brooklyn Centre.

From Sandy Rozhon:
In the early 1960's, word came down from the County that a proposed highway would bisect the neighborhood. This was bad news for the people who had bought their homes and planned to live the rest of their lives there. A study of deed transfers shows that a small number of speculators jumped in and bought some houses. They probably knew what sort of price the State of Ohio Dept. of Transporatation was paying for properties acquired for freeways and paid the frantic sellers a lower price, hoping to make a profit from the true value. On the flip side of the coin, the sellers may have wanted to move quickly instead of waiting for the slow wheels of government to move, so jumped at the chance to be out of their property.

After all the property was bought up on the east side of W.15th, the west side of W.14th and the north side of Redman, bulldozers moved in to begin demolition. It was an odd sight to be able to see straight across from the houses that were left on the eastern portion over to the houses that were on the western side.