Me too, I looked at the Crystal Ball for 2016

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Beginning of the year seems chaotic, but improves at the end, depending on how you see, because there is increasing gap between those enlightening ones and those lacking behind – the ones who are not able to focus on the brighter side of matters or the ultimately unveiling positive outcome.

EU refugees disappear, nobody knows where, but don’t worry they will appear again. The economy all over the world will be fluctuating heavily; close call crashes and amazing survivals. More terrorist false flags until nobody takes them anymore seriously. Rather than following all the conspiracy going on, people start to do something practical in order to change things better and end up fighting against the secretive “businesses”.

What comes to the predictions about Obama to be the last president of the US, I think Hillary’s appointment might not need to be called presidency, as she will not have any power left anyhow. Pentagon has started running by its own and is not going to move even one inch, if Hillary tries to order it to strike any country. And CIA is still in its own internal struggles – who is the boss.

So Hillary has only the mercenary cadres, but without dollars they’ll soon move to Putin’s rupla economy. And drone operators will soon have enough to do with supply tasks for the empowered people enjoying in Fema camps. So Hillary might as well start knitting socks for her great-grand children. Ooops, wow, when I look at another timeline in my crystal ball, I see there mister Basiago staring at me…I hope US people will wisely select the right timeline, disclosure quaranteed!

Lots of people will get so tired of conditioning of the human beings as culprits for the climate change, that they start instead staring at the skies – the sun and other planets – what is the real reason for the changes – and happen to see UFOs more and more. ETs are also curious about what is going on with earth and disclosure – and are uncloaking jokingly their crafts by time to time. Disclosure but also equally disinfo campaigns will be on going.

At the same time chemtrails will be noticed too by masses, and some offenders are forced to let the planet to heat up a bit, so that Siberia will become also habitable soon, and Putin can move ISIS types there. Otherwise the weather and earth changes might keep the life a bit challenging.

Religious infightings will destroy much of the dogmatic beliefs and people will realize they are able and free to think with their own brains. Morality and fairness will be rising and equally the leaders are forced to start thinking how to be honest in order to keep their chair.

Keshe’s Magrav units will soon run the houses of poor people, so nobody can anymore exploit them. Offices and institutions will become useless, and turn into service providers in order to keep themself going. Soon there will be also crafts roaming around skies, pretending to be UFOs, when the youngest Keshe fans get their flying cars into motion.

As the remote viewing, exorcism, past and after life research, levitation and other spiritual sciences are developing, people will be able to see through the veils (and walls), what cabals are doing secretly and as well what is happening in other dimensions, that we are heading into. Some people will get lost into astral, but most will dive into the heavenly know how.

Meditation is becoming easier while cosmic energies are invading the earth, and while meditative crowds are increasing, there is silent revolution creeping into the society. Those people are not anymore interested of money making and TV watching, then they have time to care for others and create orbs of love and light, so that the dark forces are compelled to leave humanity all alone.

Clearly these are the signs of the Great awakening. Seems like the sages and saints, who predicted the Golden Age since the time immemorial, were right. Be the pioneers of the divine future of the humanity – as there is no other way around than welcome it. Peace be with you!



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