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 Susan Efroymson has a considered opinion on the election of judges in Cuyahoga County and in the State of Ohio and she has described the rationale for her opinions here at LocalJewishNews.com.

With regard to Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority (CCCPA) tax increase levy Issue 108 Ms. Efroymson recommends DROP ANCHOR!  Read more below:

"Cuyahoga County 108: Property Tax Renewal and Increase for Port Authority.

A replacement of 0.13 mill of an existing levy and an increase of 0.54 mill to constitute a tax for the benefit of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, which amounts to $67 per $100,000 property. The amount of this levy is small by comparison, e.g. less than the library levies. Without the passage of this levy, the city will make repairs but will not be able to build up the lake front area. Additionally, if passed, state and federal funds will come to assist in the project. Because of the tough economy, costs are lower, and proponents feel now is the time to invest in the city’s future. However, there is criticism that the Port Authority has over reached in the additional amount it is asking for and the scope of the project as unaffordable to the county. Further, this is a huge increase over the previous amount. This is a controversial tax, and the increase takes a bite out of the income of those who are having too hard a time struggling in our community. Vote NO'

The LocalJewishNews.com web site is probably much like Realneo.us.  I bet their constituency is centered in Cleveland Heights along Taylor and Lee. 

Maybe we could reach across the aisle.

Ms. Efroymson, hat tip to you for your contirbution to our civic space!

Best, Jeff B

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"...probably much like realneo"

If you say so, Jeff.

I voted against 108. If we had a real port authority that did real port work, I may have voted otherwise.

However, Susan Efroymson also endorsed Mitt Romney and Josh Mandel.


OK DW, this is where REI was exceptional....

 When I suggested that LJN.com was much like Realneo.us, I meant that LJN.com was a website which allowed it's users to get their thoughts and opinions up on the WWW.  

I wasn't suggesting that the mood of LJN was as liberal as Realneo.  

But I think that LJN could be.


One of the most impressive aspects of REI - where Norm kicked off Realneo - was the cross breeding of ideas and the meeting of folks from diverse everything.

When people of different backgrounds, colors, nations, economic status, education - met and discussed issues shoulder to shoulder and face to face -  not only was it totally exhillerating, but boundaries shrunk,   

realneo has had no face to face time for years - since the meeting at Dewey's in Shaker Sq.

But if Realneo.us and LJN.com had a face to face meeting in Cleveland Heights - 


What about this idea?

Or do we need a metal detector at the door...

OK, JB, this is what I say


Vote for Obama and vote for Brown.  VOTE!!

I did not get that you were comparing open sites, focusing more on the hat tip.....and I avoid places where metal detectors are used, unless the reason to use them can not be avoided.


And for those that need some positive affirmation, I recommend getting involved in the get out the vote work tomorrow, if possible. In Cuyahoga County, it is actually fun.