Issue 107 violates Ohio Supreme Court decisions re school funding...from ANON via dwebb - excellent point

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 10/11/2012 - 17:16.

 DWebb has posted an anon email, and that email has some right-on info.   One pc of the info is the fact that the Ohio school funding system is not legit..I post this with the hope that taxpayers/homeowners in Cleveland reject the Levy, Issue 107.  Tag this Cleveland Municipal School District, cmsd, Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland School Levy, school tax in Cuyahoga County, transformation plan, Mayor Jackson.

  • Fact #2: This levy should not even be allowed on the ballot! The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that the Ohio public school funding system is unconsitutional on at least three seperate occassions:

DeRolph v. State (1997), 78 Ohio St.3d 193, 677 N.E.2d 733  
DeRolph v. State (2000), 89 Ohio St.3d 1, 728 N.E.2d 993  
DeRolph v. State (2001), 93 Ohio St.3d 309, 310, 754 N.E.2d 1184

In fact, the State of Ohio is the only state in the USA that does not have a school funding formula. What voters really need to do is urge the State of Ohio legislators and the City of Cleveland leadership to work on legislation (laws) to handle this matter OR VOTE THEM OUT!
  • Fact #3: This (illegal) levy unfairly places a financial burden only on homeowners. How you ask? Tax abated properties both residential AND commercial properties (Cleveland Browns, Indians and Cavaliers properties, Cleveland Clinic, etc... to name a few) ARE NOT affected. CMHA and people who live in public housing sure can vote but ARE NOT affected. People who rent sure can vote but ARE NOT affected (unless a landlord increases the rent, wouldn't you if this passes). Seniors and other homeowners on fixed incomes (that means NO additional income is ever expected) who own their homes will eventually be placed in a position to having undue hardships and choices thrust upon them (i.e., losing their homes, not being able to afford medication or food, etc...)
  • Fact #4: Undoubtedly you will hear talk from supports of Issue 107 of how proceeds from the levy will go towards charter schools and allow for more "choices for parents to have on where to send their children to school". In reality, only .5mils of the 15-mils is being set aside for selectcharter school budgets. Please read the attached letter (dated on 09/20/2012) that was sent home with students from Constellation Schools LLC for further information.

The anon person also ads: 

All that being said, there absolutely ARE outstanding shining examples of excellent schools (both elementary and high schools) providing quality education to children within the Cleveland school district (3 of the high schools based in 1 building!). I urge you to educate yourselves on them and continue to push other failing schools within the district to aspire to the programs that these schools are running. Information can be found here (

Please read the entire anonomous email here

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It is mind boggling that the State Supreme Court has ruled the method of school funding in the state to be unconstitutional, and yet no one in power pushes for reform.

Take a look at who support Issue 107, and you will see a list of influential people pushing this levy. Why are they not talking to school districts across the state? Why is the State Board of Education not doing its job?