help - with brake lines repair & or donation of a car & or money to repair or purchase a car - brake lines were cut-sabatoged

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help - our car brake lines were cut - sabatoged - leaking the brake fluid - no brakes - 97 mazda - i have the brake lines and fittings - can anyone help put the new brake lines on the car - i have a little money to pay - and or donate a good running used car or running car - or donate or loan a few hundred dollars to repair or purchase another car - for a good cause and or a tax deduction - please contact us - eternal thanks - sophia - service k9 - and guy - guy templeton black -

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Brake lines over the internet - info donation - no problem

 Hello Guy, 

"Cut"? or just rotted out on that 97 maz?

Ok, you can do this...

Can Angel get the car up on his lift for you?  You need to get under the car it up on blocks, one side on the curb the other in the street...whatever...

You need a tube wrench to back out the fittings at the brake cylinders...

You need some brake fluid.

Autozone or others have brake lines with the correct fittings pre-mounted...remove yours first and bring them in to match them up.

Then you need to install the new lines, and bleed the you need a friend in the car pumping the brakes while you are under the car soaking up the brake fluid into your sleeves.   (always happens)

A warm dry day would also be helpful.

You can do this...and keep in mind the car is still functional and cautiously drivable because you have EMERGENCY BRAKEs which are mechanical and don't need hydraulic brake lines. 

Brake lines via the internet!   We can do this in our sleep!